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#Bringbackourgirls: A Cry For Help


If the children(boy and girl) are our future…Then it is up to us as “responsible”humans and adults to defend, and keep them from any and everything that seeks to hate, destroy, hurt, attack, intimidate, annihilate, and abuse them.

It is our core and essential duty. It is our life long responsibility to protect our children because they are our future… They are our tomorrow.




Thoughts On Intentional Living


I have not been the most fortunate
And I doubt that anyone is
But with a little grace here and there
Favor spread all about
We find our many blessings and
Bask in the midst of endless praise

So today, I purpose to live with intention
I choose to smile intentionally
Laughing out loud
For I sense the air is ripe
Ready to burst with droplets of grace
And who knows what blessings and fortune might fall
On us who choose in this day to intentionally smile

Fundraising Help


Good morning,

How are you?

I am part of a fundraising team for at risk, and underprivileged children in West Africa. The foundation is in honor of my aunt Funmi Adewole who passed away last spring.

She was very devoted in medical missions to Nigeria, and giving at risk children an education. As the first year anniversary of her passing approaches, many of us along with her children, and husband have united to carry on her legacy, and continue to see her dreams and hard work come true.

In April 2014, a group of volunteers will travel to West Africa, and specifically Nigeria (her home country) to continue her work by giving children a chance at a better education, and future. There will also be free health screening and care for as many people in the communities the volunteers would serve.

In the next 2 weeks, I am looking to raise at least $250, to support this foundation, and I need your help and backing to reach, and even surpass this goal. No amount is too small, and your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a contribution of any amount, please feel free to contact me via email or phone. You can also donate directly on the website;

Thank you so much for your support

Boomie Bolarin

Untitled: thinking out loud


In this pool again I sink
Faster than the time before this
The problems of the past are nowhere gone
They plague me still every chance they get

The need to figure it out outweighs my heart
My heart breaks slowly night after night

At the crack of dawn I can still hear it break
It breaks with the light of day
I am shattered in pieces for I know not what I seek
Yet passion and the will to succeed cries heavy on my spirit

Which way do I go from here?
I ask time and time again
Which way can I go from here?
I examine my heart for a sign

It tugs at every chance I am given
Wanting only to take a chance once by itself

New Year Greetings


With the New Year comes new dreams, visions, and desires…a fresh chance at a new start. Here’s hoping life opens up the year to us like never before; dreams falling in place, purposes taking flight, visions realized.

Happy New Year! May it be your best yet…

Last year, my fingers didn’t find time for the keyboard or pen as much as I would have liked, and it looks like it might be no different this year.

I will continue to write in my notes and such but I might not be able to share as I would like to…some major accomplishments require my undivided attention, and so I need to reprioritize my time, and schedule. I will make every effort to share whenever I can but please don’t hold me to it, especially if I go several months without sharing anything.

Feel free to reach out via email, Facebook, or twitter. I can’t promise I will be regular on those outlets as well, but it will be nice to hear from you once a while.

Have a fulfilling and blessed 2014.

Love loads,