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Better Than My UGG Boots


If ever I go do under
I will get me some UGG boots
Deep brown as the skin on my cold feet
For these snowy spring days & chilly June nights

But even I know that those cozy brown boots pale in comparison
To your warm breath on my nape down to my spine straight through
To my once cold feet

Colors (Two Little Girls)

Colors burst through them to me
Rainbow in the wake of their toothy smiles
Their love (of me) is perfectly peach and purple pink
Spring in the brown of their soft eyes


The music of desire plays softly tonight
Light rain fogging clear windows
And I would do a dance to nature's low music
Barry White accompanying with his baritone
But alas I am a skinny girl with two left feet
Perfectly stuck in my six inch heels
(Shame it is for I am the only African girl I know who can't dance)
So I release the strings of my pale red dress
Perfectly worn like a second skin and
Delicately held together by stitches of black lace
(For I need a plan B for tonight's seduction)
My petite frame swaying sensually to the beat
In perfect time for our tongues to meet as soft lips part to whisper...

Shapely Legs Of Summer Rain

Shapely legs of summer rain
walked slowly past the corridor of my icy heart
soothing soft as satin silk on my smooth shaded skin
my icy heart faded to null& roamed right into your 12o'clock arms of spring
pretty pink petals dancing before my grey colored eyes
your scented steps left a trail of scintillating rainbow

Deep Within (Where It Matters Most)

Thighs crossed in submission
to this new power deep within

Soft and sensual they remain
Packing strength tone and confidence
Deep within

My humble opinion
Where it matters most

To Lie In Your Arms


Image courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com

How I would love to lie in your arms
Sipping fine aged wine
As you nibble on exotic and sweet fruits
Dark chocolate pieces all about

Your sultry voice whispering amusing seduction
Enchantingly into my heart
My spirits soaring
With the evening breeze

Your love, my laughter
Both echoing out loud
As our eyes full and alive

Heartily take in Rome’s beautiful architecture

The Very Important Business Of Being A Child


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We must not overlook their humble beginnings….they are stepping stones to a life of fulfillment, passion, and purpose. We must therefore support our children however we can.

We must let them be who they are…giving them our blessings from their tender ages. Allow them to laugh heartily, play cheerfully…delight in life’s simple pleasures…the fluttering butterfly on a brightly sunny day…the falling leaf golden in its array on an autumn noon…the frost of winter in the dead of December…the brilliant rainbow carrying its pot of gold at the end of a rainy day…let their imaginations soar with wings like mighty eagles.

We must encourage, and inspire them….look also to them for inspiration, and motivation for children carry a spirit of innocence and persistence. We must show them the truth and help them along the way….be positive role models in our own homes…this very important job must not be left to TV, or any media outlet…too many people trying to get our children’s attention, we must help them see and know the truth.

Allow them to be children, expressing themselves however they see fit…let creativity rise in their loving hearts…colors in apple reds, sunny yellows, and ocean blues splashing across snowy white papers, as they make art and then some music with their tiny voices, squeaky echoes heard throughout the house…let them be children.

Celebrate every child, as each one carries potential, deserves praise, and support with heaping amounts of love…bless every child for they are our hope…boost their confidence…and let them know strength…truth…and moral character.

Let them read…seek…know…write…play…dance…sing…draw…paint…love…and express themselves however they see fit…more importantly let them be free…let them be kids…let them be…

For the business of being a child is an important one, you see…it is the foundation for a bright and hopeful future. It must never be manipulated or taken for granted.

*Specially dedicated to every wonderful child in my life…and the wonderful ones in yours*

I Imagine October


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I imagine October
An art of colorful hues

With reds blushing elegance
In the light of golden suns fading greens into yellow
Browns toning the grounds
In sync with earth

As autumn breeze gently spreads
It’s blissful stroke of peace
Over nature

October is splattered brightly
On a canvas of graceful adornments

Autumn’s color and warmth
It’s masterful showcase

*Have a lovely and peace filled weekend*

His Love Of Me


Perfectly lined
In shades of yellow and brown
Orange glow and red blooms

His love of me
Adorns my graces

Like fall’s pretty colors
I shimmer, shine, and glow

Even in autumn’s solitude

I Love You More and More


I love you more
And more
Then some more
These days…
Just as you are

Smooth thighs
Effervescently sexy
Radiating woman- ME!

My insides glow feminine
My core soundly powerful
I am strong through and through

I love you more
And more
Then some more
These days
Yes you
Bubbling glory in mirrored reflections

Each imperfection
Scar and stretch mark
Now tales
My stories
Female like glory

They are my feminine history

*This poem isn’t at all about narcissism…it’s more about me embracing myself, my body, my thighs. It’s amazing what a little bit of knowledge about your purpose can do for you…some things become clearer…some issues don’t seem as important or in the limelight as they used to. I am showing my thighs some love today, even though I know I have no business wearing shorts like that :) *