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Temptation And Dessert On A Saturday Afternoon

As marble cake glazed with creamy fondant
Dripping sweet & seeped in berry juices
You peacefully sit
Brown eyes quietly beckoning

Pink and brown licks
Softly calling my name


This month of winter's delight
Daring me with its lacey chills and things
Pushes me further into myself

Solace found in warm hands, hot cocoa, and love
Ugg boots, cinnamon buttered toast and
Red stripped peppermint frost candy
Delighting my winter blues

Vanilla and snow smells fill the air
Street corners lined in colored lights

The joys of Christmas painted in the sky

*Happy new month friends!!! May you find delight, joy, and rest in this last month of 2012. Please pardon me for the next few days, I will not be able to read blog posts, or respond to comments in a timely fashion. Things should be back to normal Lord willing on Tuesday. Have a blessed December…THANKS ALWAYS!!!*

A Few Of My Favorite…


Autumn and its falling leaves
Yellow brown red and dry
Rustling on the ground
Feet pounding pavements fast

Slightly sweetened cocoa
Warm and frothy thick
Dark chocolate marble pound cake
A slice or two I think

Quiet days like Tuesday
My nose buried in good books
Daddy’s words of wisdom
Mother’s echoes of truth

Hugs and silly giggles
Melting tired frowns
Me caught in the middle
Of two laughing girls

The pleasant smell of Christmas floating
Hanging in the air
Waiting for winter
To drop like perfect presents
Into thankful happy laps
Warm apple cider
Our sweet fragrance
In the night

The cuddle of giant beds
Great companion to keep it warm

Hot tea and fruity drinks
Lots of biscuits on the side
(Please be aware
Only the English kinds will do)

Laughing out loud
Singing with Julie Andrews
The Sound of Music fills the cool air..

These and many more
Including YOU and I
Love life and God
Are a few of my favorite autumn things

What are some of yours?