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You And I


I like how we complement each other
You and I

Your dimpled smile and my freckled face
Your wit and wise, my sweet and charm

What a pair we are
You and I

Like this and that
Sweet and wise
Wit and charm
So and so…

You and I

Where Once You Were

I sense you in the air
Where once you were
A living breathing part of me
Shades of you floating like butterfly trails
My heart so briefly wanders to our once upon a time
And I can't help but wonder
How the hell are you these days?

Happy new month!!! May it be your best yet. Blessings

Back To Writing Soon…

I have missed writing
And hope ink from my felt pen &
Blood from my fingertips spill desire and passion
Onto blank screens & papers soon...

*I found my way onto this blog tonight and my heart smiled as words formed in my head :)*

A Poetic Gift And Thank Yous’


I had the most beautiful day all thanks to God, and you all. I ate, laughed, danced, played, got teary eyed, and all in all had fun.

My day was taken to a new height of gratitude with a wonderful poem I got from my dearest Twinnie; and I thought to share with you all. Thanks so much I am truly grateful, God bless!!!

Once upon a March 1st
Not too long ago
A beautiful sweet mother so full of glow
To deliver they go
While angels from heaven
So full of glee
Celebrate the chosen baby
to ride the sunbeam
A blessing sent to earth
Momma’ gives birth
Calls her living angel

Written by the talented Rosy, thanks Twinnie

YAY!!! This Blog Is 1


Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Ulrich, winner of the anniversary giveaway…and as a bonus for being my longest reader, and for a while silent follower Ms.Rosy Shea also gets a small token of love, and appreciation.

MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR THE LOVE, SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND SO MUCH MORE. I had planned to take today’s post to the next level by doing a video with me reading one of my poems, and then expressing some words from my heart, but I didn’t get to it (or maybe i chickened out). Still my heart thanks you all so much.

Glasses raised to you. God bless


Love always

Boomie Bol


Anniversary Giveaway


It seems only like yesterday when I grew an extra set of balls and decided to birth this baby. In about a week or so (2/17/13), my blog will be 1 and being the “profound” thinker that I am, I have been reflecting over the past year, and what this space means to me. The journey of this blog has been eye opening, exciting, and challenging to say the least. It has been absolute FUN, and brought such growth to me and my abilities as an aspiring writer.

I have God, and you all to thank for that. In all my deep profound thinking, I thought since I like celebrations (I really am like a 5 year old when my birthday is a few days away), I thought I’d start the upcoming anniversary celebration with a giveaway….YAY!!! HURRAY!!! Giveaways are the best…even though I never win anything :). But it’s not about me winning; this is about you winning a special gift from moi. (A humble thank you of sorts)

Here’s the catch…you must follow me on twitter, like my Facebook page on the right hand corner…and in a few words tell me how my blog has impacted you in the past year…(I have to make you work for it right?). There are so many wonderful readers of this blog, and I really wish I was Oprah right now, so I could give each and every one of you a car or something but…well you know I am not, and I can’t.

The giveaway is open from now till Friday the 15th of February 2013…THANKS TO YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Love &Light
Boomie Bol

Getting Rich Quick-Friday Fictioneers 2/1


Hello everyone! It’s that time of the week again, Friday fictioneers courtesy of Rochelle, with picture from Claire Fuller. I missed last week, even though I had a story and poem…life is well life these days. I took this week’s image back to native Yoruba land, please feel free to comment, give constructive criticisms, and as always join in the fun. THANKS FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY.

Image courtesy of Claire Fuller

Image courtesy of Claire Fuller

Ade stared at the herbalist who had laid his cowries, beads, and other incantations down on the muddy floor. In front of the 69year old man was a double headed statue…Orişa funfun…this was the god that would make him rich the herbalist had promised.

Chanting away in gibberish to conjure the image, Ade let his mind wander…Akin, his best friend had referred him to the herbalist after life dealt him another blow, and he lost his wife to the landlord…The herbalist was Akin’s source of millions…

Ade continued to fantasize when suddenly he heard a strange voice…the statue was alive…

Apologies And Good News


I feel the need to apologize to you…the past few days or perhaps even weeks I feel like I have not been on my blogging game lately, and have not interacted as much as I would like to…a huge number of comments are awaiting responses, please bear with me I will get to them in a few, I promise…

It feels like I am just finally entering the realm of motherhood even though I have been a mommy for 3 years…let me explain, the most of this year has been spent trying to find a school for the girls, and I never knew getting into preschool was a task on its own…and then their usual 1 or 2 activities depending on the season has now increased to about 3…phew!!! So it feels like I am constantly moving and there is no down time…if there is any it is spent napping with them or reciting ABC’s’…this has made it hard to blog as I would like or even write…but once we settle into the new schedule, I am most certain things will work out even better.

Now for the good news, I got an email that made my evening yesterday…if you remember this post…well, I got a message from Patty of discoveranddecour …yay!!! She explained her absence…and is thankful that we all missed and thought of her…thank you all so much…I am sure in time she will be back to blogging…

Now I am off to respond to comments:). Have a lovely rest of the week.

God bless

So Many Ways To Say It… I Mean It….Thank You!


A very happy Friday to you!!!

Over the past few days I have been blessed with many awards and kind notes about this blog and humble me, and I just wanted to offer my most heartfelt gratitude. I could never thank you enough.

Many thanks to you all for the continued support, stopping by to read, leaving your kind thoughts and for the friendships…it truly warms my heart every time I hear from you.

Reading through blogs I follow this morning, I read George’s post and he left the kindest notes about some bloggers he follows, and many of them are writers I truly admire and to be thrown in that mix is such a humbling honor…I am quite sure I am undeserving but I accept his generosity happily. Thanks so much George…I really just do this for my heart…and half the time I have no idea what I am doing…still my heart won’t let me be if I don’t’…I will say it always though it would never be quite enough but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ALWAYS!!!

I leave you with something that caught my attention this morning during my quiet time…it’s from my morning devotion…it says “it surprises many to learn that the best way to become a good leader is to truly care about the welfare of others…” In my humble opinion, there is just something remarkable and so true about that…and I thought to share it with you.

In the business world, it is said that “A leader is someone who has the ability to influence others” I think therefore there is a leader in you and I…we just have to accept it and influence others for good…be it with our words…our thoughts…talents…abilities and more…

It is my hope that every time I post something here however sensual, silly, controversial, or otherwise it will lift your spirits…cause you to pause…think…and if the need be…act…

Have a peaceful blessed Friday and weekend. I am truly a grateful girl…THANK YOU!!!

Peace & Loveliness Always…GOD BLESS!!
Boomie Bol