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I Watch An Angel Sleep

On a cold December night
An angel sleeps on a bed of pink daisies
Love floating butterflies around her dainty walled room of peach

Bye baby bunting coos softly
Light snow blowing unseen against glass framed windows
Her childlike snores meditative music that fills my nighttime  air

I stand by and watch my (loving) daughter sleep

Saturday Morning Sun

Gloriously golden in its early morning rise
Saturday morning sun melts Thursday's winter white


Sometimes darkness like a patch of gray clouds hang heavy
It hangs low spilling forth ache
Overshadowing even the brightest of days
Overwhelming the brightest of hopes

A moment birthing unimaginable pain...

*Tonight, I will hug my children tighter than usual, thanking Heaven for them…all the while praying for the parents in Newton, whose pain my heart cannot comprehend…I pray for the victims of this tragedy…May their souls rest in peace*

Moving Forward


I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 1Timothy 2:1-2. NIV

Sound the alarm, make it known
As unprecedented history resoundingly repeats itself
A generation speaking for what it believes
The horns of victory blowing in their hearts
Celebration and joy flowing from them all

And though there is still much work to be done
We rejoice still in this feat
Acknowledging the long journey ahead
Its road tough and rough

Knowing in the coming days and months
We must reach across aisles
Putting ambition, color and self-agenda aside
Working together for a greater good

For underneath our dividing differences
Lay a unifying truth
Love for a great nation, our patriotism
So together we must work
Even if and when we disagree
Every one doing their part

For progress, success, and lasting change
To prevail

Untitled: I Am Happy


I await with eager anticipation
This unseen joy
That keeps my heart thumping fast
Heavy set drum rolls incomparable
Gentle rain outisde my foggy window
Reassuring me of victory…

The Very Important Business Of Being A Child


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

We must not overlook their humble beginnings….they are stepping stones to a life of fulfillment, passion, and purpose. We must therefore support our children however we can.

We must let them be who they are…giving them our blessings from their tender ages. Allow them to laugh heartily, play cheerfully…delight in life’s simple pleasures…the fluttering butterfly on a brightly sunny day…the falling leaf golden in its array on an autumn noon…the frost of winter in the dead of December…the brilliant rainbow carrying its pot of gold at the end of a rainy day…let their imaginations soar with wings like mighty eagles.

We must encourage, and inspire them….look also to them for inspiration, and motivation for children carry a spirit of innocence and persistence. We must show them the truth and help them along the way….be positive role models in our own homes…this very important job must not be left to TV, or any media outlet…too many people trying to get our children’s attention, we must help them see and know the truth.

Allow them to be children, expressing themselves however they see fit…let creativity rise in their loving hearts…colors in apple reds, sunny yellows, and ocean blues splashing across snowy white papers, as they make art and then some music with their tiny voices, squeaky echoes heard throughout the house…let them be children.

Celebrate every child, as each one carries potential, deserves praise, and support with heaping amounts of love…bless every child for they are our hope…boost their confidence…and let them know strength…truth…and moral character.

Let them read…seek…know…write…play…dance…sing…draw…paint…love…and express themselves however they see fit…more importantly let them be free…let them be kids…let them be…

For the business of being a child is an important one, you see…it is the foundation for a bright and hopeful future. It must never be manipulated or taken for granted.

*Specially dedicated to every wonderful child in my life…and the wonderful ones in yours*

There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings


Image courtesy of http://www.laobserved.com

The clouds have gathered
Summoned by the skies
Earth’s pain and ache
They no longer can take

It is too unbearable
Is what they say
Tragic and unfortunate
The aches and pain

The heavenly council meets in the skies
The drought and hurt
Will soon be gone

The days of earth’s revival
Are finally here
 Tis the day of healing and  complete resuscitation

No land will be missed
None left unattended

Mankind must not just survive
It must thrive
Humanity must burgeon in this rebirth

Mother nature smiles
As the clouds release their rain
Sweet choral hymn heard
Across the earth’s many lands
From the dry valleys of Africa
To the Caribbean’s sandy shores

There shall be showers of blessings …

* I had a plan to post something else (Don’t I always), but then I found this in my notes, and it just warmed my heart…considering it is raining in my part of the world…I hope it does the same for you, knowing while things might seem rough and tough…we always have hope. May there be showers of blessings in your world today. Have a lovely weekend!*

Very Loud


There are many important issues in our world today, the economy, education, war, poverty and many more. Somehow despite the diversity of all these issues, they all have one thing in common- The Future.

In my opinion, the future is not just tomorrow or 2020 no, it is more importantly our children, their generation. So it is necessary to raise them right and properly.

We all know the world is a scary place, but if we can join together to share our experiences, encourage and support these ones; it is my belief that we are off to a great start in building a better future. We can empower them.

Often times than not we want our children to do better, live better and not make some of the mistakes we have made. We want to protect them, we want them to know love and grow up healthy and stable; and while society can sometimes be such a negative influence, we can come together and do our own part to help the next generation follow the right path.  You might be wondering where I am going with all of  this, well wonder no more.

My friend Nkem of www.niftitalks.wordpress.com  and www.veryloudyouth.org  has come up with a platform where we can encourage the next generation. Share stories, experiences and other things that can help these ones stay on the right path. From stories to videos, poems, essays and many others we can use our abilities and talents to make a difference.

Our children face a great deal every day from bullying (cyber or otherwise), to self-image issues and many others. By sharing stories (non-fiction or otherwise), we can help them, show them hope, strength, and encouragement. We can support them.

So the aim of my post today is to implore you to visit this project and site- www.veryloudyouth.org  and see what’s going on there. The website and Nkem, the creator has more details than I could ever put in a post.

You can also contact her on the website for details on how to contribute; I can assure you it will be worth your while. She has re launched the site and is looking for contributors and fresh ideas. Please stop by and show your support, you never know how you can make a difference.

As part of the new approach to the site, Nkem so graciously reached out to me and asked that I write something for this amazing project; it’s featured on the website today, titled “For Our Children” .

Please stop by and go back often, share and recommend to anyone who might be interested.Introduce a youth to this site, it would do them a great deal of good. There will also be something new and exciting ranging from articles to eye opening discussions regularly.

Thank you as always for your support and I end this post with www.veryloudyouth.org’s mission statement- To provide opportunities that take you on an imaginative journey, make sense of experience, and share your story with the world”

Thank you

Boomie Bol

On behalf of www.veryloudyouth.org

 *Please stop by this site and like, comment, retweet, share, recommend and visit often. Thank you*

Untitled: Past Few Days


The past few days have been rough for me to say the least. The news of the ill-fated plane crash keeps unfolding and I find there were more people I was somehow connected to on the plane than I thought.

I found out yesterday, that a friend lost two of his sisters-in-law in the crash, and try as hard as I can not to let all the unfolding stories bother me, I can’t shake the thoughts or hurt off and so I find that I am stuck between migraines and a gloomy mood.

I am trying really hard to shake it all off though and focus on other things. Truth is life is hard, rough, and tough. Some of us are dealt harder than others; still we have to make the most of what we have, and our time here. If there is anything I have learnt from this tragedy; it’s that life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I am going to try really hard to get out of this “depressed” state. It doesn’t change what has happened and even though I am unhappy…it’s not helping me or anyone else for that matter.

I have been writing but it’s been from a pained view…I have poems on love and other jolly things but I would be deceiving myself if I posted such, knowing my heart wasn’t in them.

Tonight, I am going to take a deep breath and try to relax…I am not going to allow the weight of pain, evil, and or hurt pull me down.

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support on this blog, and for giving me an outlet to release my mind and thoughts. I have also received some awards over the past week or so. I will get to them as soon as possible.

Many thanks again for the constant and continued support. Have a safe and lovely evening. God bless!!!

There is much evil in the world
Try as much as we can to ignore it

There is much wickedness
And hate still exists
Even when we don’t admit it

There is darkness in humanity
Sometimes so powerful
It tries to overshadow
The best of good natures

But in the midst of terrible days
And aching perversion

I hear the cry of a new born
So innocent so pure
I hear the laughter of a child
Free and loving

And remind myself
To keep up the good fight
Be rid of all evil within
And around me
So these innocent ones have hope
For a better tomorrow




I hear freedom is the fear of dictators
It is their nightmare
That is why they have kept us
Suppressed and under
Their ignorant mentality
And shameful corruption
For a long time

Generation after generation
We are oppressed by their
Sickening and mad rule
Their arm of evil and deceit

Young and old
Male and female
None is exempt
From their tyranny
And captivity

We have been bound and
Subject to their madness
For so long
We have been held captive
For far too long

A new kind arises
A new generation emerges
To break the yoke of their leadership
To put a complete end to the toll
Their diseased government
And ruling power
Has left on us and
The ones before us

Our minds have been opened
We are enlightened and aware
We have armed ourselves with knowledge
The opposite of their ignorance
We have surrounded ourselves with education
In our heads and in our minds

Our eyes are open
Our minds are aware
We have wisdom
We have insight

No longer will we be imprisoned
Mentally or otherwise
We break every hold
We fracture every grip
We free our minds
Our spirits and
Our bodies

We know our rights
We know our might
We have found our voice
We will use our words
We refused to stay captive
We refuse to stay under

We have found our liberty
Let our rulers begin to shake
We have found our stance
Let our leaders begin to crumble
We have found our freedom
Let evil dictators begin to fear
Their nightmares are here

*This was inspired by a post and quote I read from another blog, http://julienmatei.com- “Freedom is the nightmare of dictators” I took it as “Freedom is the fear of dictators” and the words haunted me all day, I had never thought of Freedom that way…it made sense. It makes absolute sense…I wrote this from that… I hope this makes sense as much as those few words did to me…”Freedom is the nightmare of dictators” It is their fear.