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Three Years Old


Happy 3rd birthday to our wonderful twin girls…these miracles…enormous love in delicate packages who keep our hearts thumping…love, hope, dreams in their big bright eyes.

Blossoming under God’s loving grace, these pink petals are growing…fast…personalities forming, abilities showing….love and affection growing…such delight their presence…such gratitude and heartfelt contentment…

Childlike innocence, beauty, and love…such amazing blessings…these little girls, pink petals blossoming under God’s grace, and love….heavenly miracles who keep our hearts thumping love…

Love you more than the whole wide world, and then back again…God bless and keep you always. Here’s to many more happy healthy loving years…

Super Duper Blowing Giant Kisses Happy birthday, my lovelies!!!

12/3/12 12:01am

My Brothers

A sweet Saturday morning
Born from 40 minutes of nonstop chatter
A telephone conversation with my brothers
Both of them older

Memories long and old sweetly revisited
Laughs, giggles, and meaningful silence
Between phrases, jokes, and long twisted words

Words of wisdom maturely spoken
In perfect time to say bye-byes and
I love you

Well over 30 years of loving them
These boys now men still super heroes
In my heart

*I was going to share a childhood picture of us…but my brothers will get back at me in the worst kind of way :)* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Untitled: I Am Happy


I await with eager anticipation
This unseen joy
That keeps my heart thumping fast
Heavy set drum rolls incomparable
Gentle rain outisde my foggy window
Reassuring me of victory…

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!


Happy 74th birthday to my dad!

Amazing that 74 years ago, he was just an itty bitty baby, and now he is daddy and grandpa. I don’t have the words to do justice to my dad…no poems, no words….nothing will do. He is more than anything I can try to write…to know my dad is to love him.

A fine and selfless human, he is remarkably one of a kind. True and sincere to the core, and yet very silly and so much fun to be around, my siblings and I are blessed to have him as our father, and mother. He plays both parts so well, and without complaints.

One of my biggest desires and prayers, is to take care of my dad…and I am thankful to God, that I can do it even if only in the littlest of ways…I am fortunate to have him with me again this year on his birthday, and so the plan is to honor him, as he so rightly deserves. The truth is there is nothing I can do to show appreciation to a man who has lived his life in service to his children, and now his grandchildren (He is the best unpaid babysitter around). He delights in our happiness, and fulfillment and I see it in his eyes every day. He continues to be our strength, as his eyes brim with gratitude and pride over each of us…

I don’t have the perfect words to celebrate this dearest and oldest love of my heart, but my prayer is that in the remaining years of his life, he is happy, and healthy with many blessings to remain thankful for.

My sibling and I are fortunate to have a father like ours…we know it and never take it for granted…he isn’t perfect…yet he is absolutely perfect for us. God knows, we love him with our hearts oozing love and joy…

So today, on behalf of all his children, and those wonderful grandchildren who cause his heart to beat love, and life, his silver gray hair glowing as his gentle eyes glisten tears in joy over them, when he quietly blesses their day…I wish him a happy birthday.

May his silver gray hair, and crowning glory continue to glow brightly…even when it seems dark, and may he see only better days from here on out…we love you daddy.

To many more happy healthy days! Happy birthday sir!!!

*Please join me in wishing my dad a very lovely and happy birthday. THANK YOU, and have a lovely week. God bless!*



Swimming In The Moon


Moon Swimmers

Swimming in (on) the moon
A backstroke I presume
My dreams  have come true

*Inspired by one of my twin girls who laid on her back and said “I am swimming in the moon. Look at me mommy, I am so happy.”
May you and your sister always be happy…swimming in the moon, the stars and of course in the pool.*

Love you to the moon, infinity and way beyond

The Blissful Adventurer


I bet everyone is doing great today…I really do hope so, been catching up on blogs and posts…so much talent out there. So, today I was checking my emails and trying to catch up on all the amazing blogs I follow as usual, when I saw a post that looked all too familiar…

I clicked on the post to read it, and lo and behold…it was a poem written by me. Apparently, my poem is the featured post on the blissful adventurer’s blog today.

Michael Housewright, author of www.blissfuladventurer.wordpress.com is out enjoying Italy with his lovely wife, and had been sending me emails via his good friend Annie to inform me of the post but I didn’t see the mails…too many emails or more like too many email addresses  :).

I had written the poem, when Michael posted something about coffee on his blog and I commented on inspiration to write something, and he offered to critique it for me, and so I sent him an email and he went over it and asked me to work on it  some more…

So the poem is featured on his very amazing blog today; if you don’t follow or know of  his blog already, and you have some free time, I urge you to check his stuff out. He has some amazing pictures and many tales of his trips around the world…one of his posts about Hong Kong was even freshly pressed about a month ago, and the blissful adventurer is just really an all-round nice guy.

I am humbled that my poem is worthy enough to be featured on his blog… I am even so much more humbled and happy that this caught me unawares…because if I had known ahead of time, I would have been editing and restricting and just making a mess of it all…so this poem is my very unedited poem…no make ups or fancy paddings…and for Michael to use it makes my heart appreciative. I must say I really like the poem.

Please stop by his blog at http://www.blissfuladventurer.wordpress.com and experience his amazing work. You wouldn’t be disappointed I assure you .

Thank you again the blissful adventurer, I am sure you are having a blissful time in Italy and will be back with many great tales…

Thank you all for taking time to read this blog and the blissful adventurer’s… Have a lovely day!!!

Boomie Bol

Your arms


You put your arms around me
and I’m lost

Your words spoken
In silent whispers
soothes my soul

They take me into a place
Of peace
and tranquility

And quiet

Your words take me to
My happy place

you put your arms around me
and I’m lost

Your touch
Your gentle touch
awakens my spirit

Taking me into a place
Of ecstasy and

And desire

Your touch brings me to
My content state

you put your arms around me
and I’m lost

You put your arms around me
and I’m safe

Happy Child


Boy, Girl, happy child
Say your prayers
and be mild

Boy, Girl, happy child
Play around
but don’t be wild

Boy, Girl, happy child
Smile and laugh
in life’s delight

Boy, Girl, happy child
Say your prayers
then say good night

Happy Birthday To Me: Dear Self, This One is For You!


Me and my Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake with Caramel ButterCream

It’s my birthday, Yay! I love birthdays, especially mine :). I get a day that’s truly mine to celebrate myself. (I’m so vain). I eat, drink, party, and just have a great time. I never miss an opportunity to enjoy myself on my birthday.
This year as my birthday approaches, my state of mind is somewhat different, still celebratory no doubt but also deep in thoughts. Every year, I grow older but am I any wiser? Do I grow in other ways that matter? Or am I stuck in the phase of average, and ordinary?

It’s so easy to lose focus, and pursue the not so significant especially when there seems to be so much clamoring for my attention. So this year, while still celebrating I am going to take some time to search inward, truly search and find ways that I can grow myself.

1. No more excuses: yes, I am a queen in that area. They just seem so convenient, and easier to handle. Unfortunately they don’t get me anywhere, instead I’m left stagnant and really on the decline. I have found that my excuses are just a way to hide the fact that I am being lazy.

2. Let go: I am terribly timid, insecure, shy, scared, and all those things that seem charming but are really not. I set up inhibitions for myself in my own head just as an idea pops up. Rather than thinking of ways to execute the ideas, I kill them even before they get a chance.

3. Failure: nobody wants to fail. But if I don’t try, how would I know, and if I don’t fail, how can I learn to do it better. I need to understand that failure is not the enemy, but staying in that state is the real default.

4. Get over myself: I am so self-conscious, it’s become terrible. I get so ill at ease quickly. I hate attention, and so the moment anyone notices me, the insecurities take over. I need to get over myself because I am sure everyone else has.

5. Seek out myself: I don’t know myself, or maybe I do and I’m unsure. I need to seek out my own personal truths, know, and own them. No more living through other people’s perceptions or point of view. No more presenting myself as something different to different people, and trying to please everyone. Recognize my strengths, believe, and own them.

6. Love myself wholly: the good, bad, and ugly. Every part of me must be loved and appreciated before others can. Besides, how can I obey the great commission of loving my neighbors as myself, if I don’t love myself? I will take good care of my body, my mind, my spirit, and soul. I will nurture my well being. Live better, think wiser, and do better.

7. Worry less: stop over thinking everything, stop analyzing every detail. Stop obsessing over issues, what people think or say about me. I don’t always have to be in control. The One who created the world has got it all covered.

8. Believe in me: nobody else will if I don’t. Put an end to the constant need for validation from others. Stop trying to fit into every crowd I find myself in. Understand that its ok to be different.

9. Embrace my life: so many things I wish my life was, but it’s not. I must learn to embrace and be thankful for the life that I have.

10. Gratitude: learn to be thankful for my blessings and misfortunes, for they all work together for a far greater good.

These are the areas I need to grow this year, Lord willing next year I won’t just be a year older, but also wiser. I am going to hold myself accountable for my own growth.

So this birthday, while I am happy I am a year older, I am also happy that I am finally growing up. Happy birthday to me, Yay!

And if you are wondering how old I am, I will tell you. I am old enough :)!

If this note mirrors your life in anyway, feel free to join me on this journey towards personal growth, and maturity.