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#Bringbackourgirls: A Cry For Help


If the children(boy and girl) are our future…Then it is up to us as “responsible”humans and adults to defend, and keep them from any and everything that seeks to hate, destroy, hurt, attack, intimidate, annihilate, and abuse them.

It is our core and essential duty. It is our life long responsibility to protect our children because they are our future… They are our tomorrow.




Who Speaks For These?


* I saw the picture of a kid in the Ukraine… In the midst of many wars, unrest and slaughters, these thoughts were born*

Who speaks for these ones
Who have no faces
Shadows in the space of war

Who speaks for them at night
When fright abound and hopes subside
Tears the company to their fate

Who speaks for them when fear is still
Suffocated by bombs and guns
Will silenced by a piece of steel
Hope abandoned to a time called tomorrow
A future that (might) never comes

3/6/14 10:16pm edited 3/10/14 12:49pm

Love-Our Solemn Reminder


Again tonight our hearts are quiet
The distant hope of each dawn overshadowed by hate and ill
Tragedy lurking in the most unseen places
Calculating and callously cold

Lives shattered like frail glass windows
Blood spilling on city grounds
Humanity wasted for reasons unknown
Violence and deadly vile the language of our times…

Yet through it all love persists
Patiently it beckons &silently waits
Till evil is conquered and love prevails

A solemn reminder tonight in the hearts of many
(That) we can and must do better than this

Mother Nature Weeps

Mother Nature weeps
Her eyes of comfort and compassion growing dim
Her beloved and children from all corners turning on themselves
Turning on her and her beauty
Trees cut down
Built bridges and bushes burning deep wild and free

Devastation and war in the most innocent of places
Death on the rise as greed and lust flow free
With heavy blood now easily shed

Childhood has lost its innocence
Old age knows now only disdain
Hate is now on the rise as war strides high as power
The need to see and hear overcome by guns and drugs

Peace now on the back burner
Evil and anger
Rape and malice
Roaming as lords and kings among trees and leaves
Whispering deceit blaspheme and incurable incest
Humanity is fast dying

Love lost in the heart of mankind

More Than Food

The hunger in these environs broken and dismayed
Is not for food...
Day old bread stale or fresh won’t do

The nagging appetite here calls for knowledge
Hope for better days
Days that bread and mixed rice cannot handle

Poverty passing from hand to hand
Mouths left salivating long after bread is gone

Varied Circles

This dance that we dance
It goes in varied circles around the truth
Our present world so small
Yet largely outsized by hate and gloom

For all our advancement in science
Communication and supposed intelligence

Basic humanity, kindness, and love still eludes the best of us

Her Many Different Colors

Sometimes peachy pink, on rare occasions gray
Yellow in tune with spring, red flower blossoms in February’s love
Money green, honeycomb, juicy butter suckles
That color of passion love and lust
Are all in this blending her

She is more than this black or caramel brown colored skin
That you and your color blinded kind
Only wish to see

A Lot Depends On It


image courtesy of http://www.wycockc.org

Americans have the opportunity like no other
A chance to get their voices heard by voting their choice

And though some may scoff and mock the democratic process
This is not the time to sit back and play cynic
Nor be an advocate for misanthrope

Many have been killed for this chance at progress and advancement
Millions will give anything for such possibilities in their own world

So come tomorrow and the many election years that follow
Do something bigger than yourself
Get out and vote

A lot depends on it


* It is all over the news, and many of us are tired of it all already… not to worry, it is almost over. Until then, if you are American and can vote…may I please ask that you do so. A lot depends on it, you see…I know nations that will give anything to have what is remotely close to the democratic process in America. This is bigger than just America…they say “when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold” it is so true…the world is watching this election and we can send a powerful message by doing our part. Get out and vote for the person you trust to do the job…a lot depends on it. THANK YOU!*


The Passage- Friday Fictioneers 10/12


Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods is up and running again this week, and the week’s photo is courtesy of Jan Morrill. I have come up with a short story of a little over 100 words. Please feel free to participate as always…thank you!

Image courtesy of Jan Morrill

The swift steps were getting closer as he continued to run. His heart racing with every quickened pace…he knew they would eventually catch up to him, but if he could make it to the passage…it just might be his escape route…or his dying…he refused to finish the thought.

He had only stolen the bread because his pregnant wife was hungry…he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He was wrong for stealing, but to pursue him in such rage; with axes and all manner of weapons while screaming “thief! Thief! Burn him!” was barbaric…

Tripping on nothing in particular…he fell to knees, tears streaming down his horror stricken face as the rowdy mob cornered him in the passage…

*Dedicated to the memory of #ALUU4


What Price? And Thoughts Of (On) Human Kindness



What is the price of an education
Taken so freely for granted by many
We skip class and drop out of school

How much is it to be free
These days as a woman
Undefined by tradition and expectations

What is the price of forgiveness
For an act no doubt wrong
yet not unpardonable or
undeserving of compassion?

How much does it cost
To set aside inhumanity
wickedness and evil disguising
As “culture” “religion” “justice”
And many such terms
Just to be humane (kind)

What is the price of honesty
Patriotism and true humanity (compassion)
When bottomless pockets can easily be filled
Unfortunate citizens
languishing in inherited penury
Passed down four/five generations
No definite end in sight soon

What is the price of human consciousness
And simple decency…

A life…
Perhaps 4
or should we just keep killing ourselves
to find out…

*For Malala, #ALUU4, and mankind.
My heart is tired tonight…I am hoping that releasing these words can, and will help me feel better…special thanks to Susan for helping me out on the above poem.


Thoughts of (on) humanity
Crowding this heavy heart
I wish the world would live as one
Hate discrimination
Ill and evil disguised as all sorts
A scary fable of old

Perhaps I am a child
Or a foolish dreamer

Still it is my deepest and most
Sincere hope

A burning desire in this weary heart of mine
That we will get it as a people

And as much as it is in our power
We become genuinely kind to one another