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They Love To Dance



Twirling round in flutters like a rainbow butterfly
Sincere pride warms their hearts
It reflects outward in the dim auditorium
Joy, smiles, softness, and love on their innocent faces

Gracefully they glide like a flamingo in its natural habitat
Glistening brightly on white ice
They twirl and twirl in tutus of purple and blue
Tiny hands gloved in white

Delicate flakes of snow fall slowly to their beautiful rhythm
As the orchestra plays sensationally on

* I wrote this for the girls over a year ago, but recently found it after they performed in their first ballet recital. They haven’t stopped talking about it, so I thought to keep the excitement going by sharing this :). Thank you always!!!

A Very Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there! You deserve this day, and everyone in between.

I am up early as is usual, and couldn’t go back to sleep;  so I decided to look through old pictures and of course they were filled with images of the girls at 6 pounds or so. Amazing how time flies and how truly blessed I am to be (their) mom. I can’t help but be truly thankful and count my very many blessings. Such a great honor mommy hood has bestowed on me, and  I am sure many mothers will agree.

What is our good fortune but these ones
Who welcome, and celebrate us with I LOVE YOU
On tough hard days
And the many light ones in between
How fortunate we are
These priceless hearts
Beating love and affection
Happily calling us (their) mom

Today as we celebrate all our amazing mothers, let us go the extra step to celebrate them daily…perhaps not with all the pomp and attention today gets but still with  all the gratitude and genuine love.

Have a very blessed and happy mother’s day!

Beauty Is

Beauty is
These two girls
A perfect half of me& you
Rushing into our hay at dawn’s call
Quietly brushing our lips as night falls

Beauty is
These two girls
A blend of my shy& your quiet
Putting on a show every Saturday noon
Tiny legs and hands flipping in strange directions

Beauty is
These two girls
Part me part you all God
Hugging me through time outs and more
Loving me even when I say enough

Beauty is
These two girls
A reflection of you& me

Late Night Dance

Dancing blissfully
In the gleaming moon
She embraces the night’s chills
Warmth slowly filling her lungs
As night creatures whisper soothing sounds

Apologies And Good News


I feel the need to apologize to you…the past few days or perhaps even weeks I feel like I have not been on my blogging game lately, and have not interacted as much as I would like to…a huge number of comments are awaiting responses, please bear with me I will get to them in a few, I promise…

It feels like I am just finally entering the realm of motherhood even though I have been a mommy for 3 years…let me explain, the most of this year has been spent trying to find a school for the girls, and I never knew getting into preschool was a task on its own…and then their usual 1 or 2 activities depending on the season has now increased to about 3…phew!!! So it feels like I am constantly moving and there is no down time…if there is any it is spent napping with them or reciting ABC’s’…this has made it hard to blog as I would like or even write…but once we settle into the new schedule, I am most certain things will work out even better.

Now for the good news, I got an email that made my evening yesterday…if you remember this post…well, I got a message from Patty of discoveranddecour …yay!!! She explained her absence…and is thankful that we all missed and thought of her…thank you all so much…I am sure in time she will be back to blogging…

Now I am off to respond to comments:). Have a lovely rest of the week.

God bless

Christmas Eve

Silver bells chime
As delicate snow lace falls

Santa rides high
Rudolph & co with gifts in tow

Christmas Eve lingers
Little boys and girls happily dreaming
Of treats and presents

Carols heard through the night (house)
Christmas dawn soon will be here

A merry Christmas Eve friends!!! Have a wonderful week

This Afternoon

She asked to be carried
With much hesitation and reluctance I obliged
Hugging me very tight her tiny arms around my grown up neck
She firmly whispered “I love you mommy, I love you so…”

In that moment of innocence
My heart fragile and painfully tired broke
Tears long held in pouring forth as words failed me

Quietly nodding, I held her longer
Gratitude and prayers sweeping my entirety…

Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

Season’s greetings to your jolliness… my excitement is growing as the day I have waited for all year gets closer. Oh how I love Christmas, for to me it is the most wonderful time of the year.

I have been nice this year…obeyed all the rules, trying very hard to remain good…my Christmas list growing, and I can’t help or contain myself…this season brings out the best in many, if not all of us.

I must say, I have a request this holiday as you soar high in the bright sky, Rudolph’s nose still red as Christmas bows, dropping neatly wrapped presents down chimneys for nice and deserving little boys, and girls.

Dear Santa, could you please remember the ones who were neither naughty nor nice… just painfully unfortunate, and so easy to miss, the moon dimly shining on their world…no twinkle stars in their gray skies…their patched roofs, and tents crumbling under the weight of lack, poverty, and hunger…devastation and plague besetting their every step…

Jolly St. Nick, could you leave a gift at theirs…bringing hope, joy, and smiles to their run down tired faces…making a marked difference in their lives…even if only for one day…hope briefly restored in their hearts…Christmas truly making them smile…

Brighten their world Santa…visit them too…

*There is a Santa in us all, so I hope we can all brighten some child’s world with a token or so this season…THANK YOU*

A Mother’s Reflections (Revisited)


This is a reblog, but rightly fitting for my mood tonight.

After 16 years of what I call paper silence…my fingers found their way to the laptop and without any plan or thoughts, I typed away…it was the day before my twin girls 1st birthday. I never stopped writing since then…and I started a tradition of writing notes, letter, poems, and such to them…more than that, days before their birthday…I sit at the computer like that cold night in December of 2010, and I write to them…no edits, no fancy words just my thoughts, and emotions expressed sincerely on screen, sometimes on paper.

My prayer is that someday, they will read them all and find meaning and good use in them. I write about my thoughts on motherhood over the year, my prayers for them, words of wisdom (if I have any at all), advice etc…the notes get so passionate I cry as I write them…they are from my beating heart to these ones who keep my heart thumping. Often times than not when I am overwhelmed or too tired, I visit those notes, reading them and asking God for help…

I just sent this year’s notes to family as is tradition…tonight; please allow me to share the 1st one with you….Appropriately titled “A Mother’s Reflections

12/2/12 9:12pm