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I Wish I Could Write


I wish I could write
Like great minds of old
Thoughts forming at the sight of blank & pen
Words churning into mystery and magic
Entrancing you (reader) who wants to glimpse and just pass by
Sweet verses forever imprinted in your fore-eyes

Write Me A Love Letter


I wonder if you could write me a love letter
On this wind struck Sunday night
Ink of red oozing love on blue scented papers
Your handwriting speaking of your brash affection for me

Write me a love letter speaking volumes of your innermost thoughts
My essence consuming your waking dawn
Love perfectly tucked between I and you
Desire awakened as you seal and send off to me

Longing For Words


I long for the days when words flowed
Like rivers of many water
Pens running dry at the sight of paper
Inks wasted not night after night
Blisters and finger sores
A sign of victory
Wisely masked between metaphors
And Sunday’s steamy nights

I Want To Say I Love You

I want to say I love you
In the most poetic of ways
Using words like tendrils and lilacs
My brown face blushing masked passion and desire
On the coldest and darkest of warm summer days

I want to say I love you
Without being blunt and abrupt
Using words like my bosom &fleshy heart beating fast as one
Whenever you are near
Tingles erupting way down and below

I want to say I love you
In the most romantic of ways
Using raindrops and lullabies
Soft spoken words &gentle sweet rhymes
Syllables broken off in perfect vibes
Just as clouds start to echo in thunder
Lightning like paparazzi bulbs flashing you to my heart
Silent rain drizzling down fast

I want to say I love you
In the most poetic of ways
So I juggle silent words in my heart
Open my brown eyes and like fire
Blaze affection into yours
Knowing no words were ever necessary

Back To Writing Soon…

I have missed writing
And hope ink from my felt pen &
Blood from my fingertips spill desire and passion
Onto blank screens & papers soon...

*I found my way onto this blog tonight and my heart smiled as words formed in my head :)*

Friday Fictioneers, I Wonder What This Is-3/8


It’s that time of the week again, Friday fictioneer par Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast. I came up with this fictional story that is not the best but is the best I could come up with. Comments and constructive criticisms are very much welcome, and feel very free to join in the fun and participate. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY. Blessings for a great weekend!

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast.

Bunmi squinted… after only 3 hours of sleep she could barely keep her tired eyes open. It didn’t help that the snowstorm had caused power outage and her glasses were still missing.

Reaching over in the dark for her phone, she checked her email…there was a message from Rochelle. She tried to stare at the image but there was no use, it was hard to see…it looked like a giant candle to her, but after the doctor’s results on her eyes it really could be anything…

She rubbed her tired eyes again as a tiny voice called for her in the dark…the unknown image in the email bothered her…she wanted to know what it was…she wanted the lights back, and her vision right…

YAY!!! This Blog Is 1


Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Ulrich, winner of the anniversary giveaway…and as a bonus for being my longest reader, and for a while silent follower Ms.Rosy Shea also gets a small token of love, and appreciation.

MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR THE LOVE, SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND SO MUCH MORE. I had planned to take today’s post to the next level by doing a video with me reading one of my poems, and then expressing some words from my heart, but I didn’t get to it (or maybe i chickened out). Still my heart thanks you all so much.

Glasses raised to you. God bless


Love always

Boomie Bol


Poetry In The Times Of Social Media


Poems in times of Facebook twitter
and all things social media
beg to be brief in their ramblings

Words are limited to powerful and thought provoking contents
Subjects varying from politics to technology
Characters captivating souls

Then there are wasted days like this
with nothing much to do
Thoughts lead nowhere except to
Meaningless inner debates about exes’ and such
Poems become a few drunken dials and many useless talks

2 Short Poems

I am but a thin shadow
The gray skies casting their gloomy dark eyes on me
I reach for you my past light nightly
Loneliness responding to me in echoes

Your words of love haunt me
The betrayal even worse stinging my heart

My heart begs for you to come back
However toxic your good loving may be
It misses your words
Evilly spoken
Cunningly timely

My heart misses you
Even when it knows you are untrue
My heart begs for you to come back
However toxic your good loving

Getting Rich Quick-Friday Fictioneers 2/1


Hello everyone! It’s that time of the week again, Friday fictioneers courtesy of Rochelle, with picture from Claire Fuller. I missed last week, even though I had a story and poem…life is well life these days. I took this week’s image back to native Yoruba land, please feel free to comment, give constructive criticisms, and as always join in the fun. THANKS FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY.

Image courtesy of Claire Fuller

Image courtesy of Claire Fuller

Ade stared at the herbalist who had laid his cowries, beads, and other incantations down on the muddy floor. In front of the 69year old man was a double headed statue…Orişa funfun…this was the god that would make him rich the herbalist had promised.

Chanting away in gibberish to conjure the image, Ade let his mind wander…Akin, his best friend had referred him to the herbalist after life dealt him another blow, and he lost his wife to the landlord…The herbalist was Akin’s source of millions…

Ade continued to fantasize when suddenly he heard a strange voice…the statue was alive…