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His Love


His love makes me a better person
It lifts my head up on days of doubt
Taking me to leaps and bound
It fills my core to pop and plump
Like sugar candies rice and such
His love moves my heart like tidal breeze
Delighting my mind for days to come

4/29/14 11:04pm

The Day They Met


In that moment her brown eyes caught his
Eternity happened and
Two became one


Between them
A world of desire yet unlived
Currents of lust never to be spoken(of)
Rose quietly

Subtle smiles framing their lower lips

* Long time no post :). I really wish I had a good reason for not posting or interacting like I want to, and I can say I am busy which is mostly true, but I also have not had the desire to write as much as I would like to…nevertheless, I am going to commit myself to writing again as much as I possibly can with hopes that it will start to get easier and better.

Thank you for always stopping by, I have missed interacting with everyone. I hope you are all doing great, have a great week…God bless.

Much love

I Wish I Could Write


I wish I could write
Like great minds of old
Thoughts forming at the sight of blank & pen
Words churning into mystery and magic
Entrancing you (reader) who wants to glimpse and just pass by
Sweet verses forever imprinted in your fore-eyes

8 Years And Counting…


Eight years ago, I stood before God, and 40-50 family, and friends and said “I DO”. I had no clue what that journey would be or even what I was doing, but I knew I was excited about the man standing beside me…something about his heart made my stomach jump excitedly.

I look back at that time, and I can’t help but be thankful for what the last eight years have been…through the disappointments, laughs, life’s highs, and lows, one thing has remained constant with God’s love….his heart. With sincere gratitude and joy, I am blessed to say I married a good man, and I am still married to that man…B, loves me inside out and continues to help me be a better person…he sees the God in me and can look past my foolish errors and forgive.

He continues to be my best friend, confidant, greatest supporter, and cheerleader….he believed in me even when I had given up on myself…he is my voice of reasoning and balance…helping me to understand when I am wrong without being critical, and supporting me fully when I am right.


Over the last eight years, we have grown together as a family and continue to do so, even now with children in the mix…he is a great father, and a joyous wonder in our home…we can laugh at ourselves…roll together on the floor without shame…argue like little girls, and then make up like wild beasts lol. I am a fortunate girl, and I do not take it for granted. B, prays without ceasing for the family, he works tirelessly on our behalf, and continues to give up a lot for us to have a better and great life. My heart can’t help but pray blessings for him.

I have grown through grace, and his love over the last few years and I am happy beyond words, that I made that decision eight years ago…I love him for all he is, all he can be, and all he will be…

I know he likes his privacy more than the CIA, but my heart wants to celebrate him this way today….Babe, here’s to eight more years, and then another eight and even many many more, because eight years and counting Mr. B, no one else will do. Thank you for loving me right.

Happy Anniversary Babe!!! Love you loads…now, about Greece :)?!?