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They Love To Dance



Twirling round in flutters like a rainbow butterfly
Sincere pride warms their hearts
It reflects outward in the dim auditorium
Joy, smiles, softness, and love on their innocent faces

Gracefully they glide like a flamingo in its natural habitat
Glistening brightly on white ice
They twirl and twirl in tutus of purple and blue
Tiny hands gloved in white

Delicate flakes of snow fall slowly to their beautiful rhythm
As the orchestra plays sensationally on

* I wrote this for the girls over a year ago, but recently found it after they performed in their first ballet recital. They haven’t stopped talking about it, so I thought to keep the excitement going by sharing this :). Thank you always!!!

Love Is…

Love is...

Opening up a red polka dotted envelope card
To a white piece of paper that doubles
As a deep tissue one hour massage

It is cheerful smiles and happy jumps
Two tiny bodies screaming HAPPY VALENTINE
Pink cards with roses and Barbie(s) all about

An endearing kiss softly planted on a tired forehead
Lasting past this day further into a lifetime doubled over

I Watch An Angel Sleep

On a cold December night
An angel sleeps on a bed of pink daisies
Love floating butterflies around her dainty walled room of peach

Bye baby bunting coos softly
Light snow blowing unseen against glass framed windows
Her childlike snores meditative music that fills my nighttime  air

I stand by and watch my (loving) daughter sleep

Late Night Dance

Dancing blissfully
In the gleaming moon
She embraces the night’s chills
Warmth slowly filling her lungs
As night creatures whisper soothing sounds

Apologies And Good News


I feel the need to apologize to you…the past few days or perhaps even weeks I feel like I have not been on my blogging game lately, and have not interacted as much as I would like to…a huge number of comments are awaiting responses, please bear with me I will get to them in a few, I promise…

It feels like I am just finally entering the realm of motherhood even though I have been a mommy for 3 years…let me explain, the most of this year has been spent trying to find a school for the girls, and I never knew getting into preschool was a task on its own…and then their usual 1 or 2 activities depending on the season has now increased to about 3…phew!!! So it feels like I am constantly moving and there is no down time…if there is any it is spent napping with them or reciting ABC’s’…this has made it hard to blog as I would like or even write…but once we settle into the new schedule, I am most certain things will work out even better.

Now for the good news, I got an email that made my evening yesterday…if you remember this post…well, I got a message from Patty of discoveranddecour …yay!!! She explained her absence…and is thankful that we all missed and thought of her…thank you all so much…I am sure in time she will be back to blogging…

Now I am off to respond to comments:). Have a lovely rest of the week.

God bless

This Afternoon

She asked to be carried
With much hesitation and reluctance I obliged
Hugging me very tight her tiny arms around my grown up neck
She firmly whispered “I love you mommy, I love you so…”

In that moment of innocence
My heart fragile and painfully tired broke
Tears long held in pouring forth as words failed me

Quietly nodding, I held her longer
Gratitude and prayers sweeping my entirety…

A Mother’s Reflections (Revisited)


This is a reblog, but rightly fitting for my mood tonight.

After 16 years of what I call paper silence…my fingers found their way to the laptop and without any plan or thoughts, I typed away…it was the day before my twin girls 1st birthday. I never stopped writing since then…and I started a tradition of writing notes, letter, poems, and such to them…more than that, days before their birthday…I sit at the computer like that cold night in December of 2010, and I write to them…no edits, no fancy words just my thoughts, and emotions expressed sincerely on screen, sometimes on paper.

My prayer is that someday, they will read them all and find meaning and good use in them. I write about my thoughts on motherhood over the year, my prayers for them, words of wisdom (if I have any at all), advice etc…the notes get so passionate I cry as I write them…they are from my beating heart to these ones who keep my heart thumping. Often times than not when I am overwhelmed or too tired, I visit those notes, reading them and asking God for help…

I just sent this year’s notes to family as is tradition…tonight; please allow me to share the 1st one with you….Appropriately titled “A Mother’s Reflections

12/2/12 9:12pm

A Collection Of Short Poem VII



Every child is capable
Lovingly birthed with potential


Stringing moments
Like fine pearls
We spend time as one
Daily building for them
A centered foundation


Her dimples of joy turn inward
Every happy chance she gets
Love dancing in her big brown eyes
Buttered toast, mommy, or biscuits on her mind


The colors of love
Are the colors of their hearts
Displayed brightly
When they flash their pearly whites


This laughter
Alarming giggles
Ringing gratitude in my ears
My heart beating back to life
Life, worries, bills, and chaos momentarily gone

Saturday morning fun
Has just begun


Two happy laughs tickling my essence
Tiny hands embracing my all
High fives, nighty night, sweet dreams
And funny faces
Saying it all


Quietly as I turn out the light
Just in time for sleep to set in
This heartbeat of mine whispers quietly
Her sleepy voice softer than a squeak

I love you mommy


Birthing poetry and poems
Many thanks to their daily (ness)
I could fill a book with childhood fun
And silly toddler antics
Motherhood birthing strength and creativity in words


Consumed by overwhelming love for these two
Heavenly miracles gratefully mine
I crumble slowly falling apart like a pack of cards
Under the weight of my own words
Tears free falling
Grace my only embrace


My crowning glory
These twins girls so into pink
My heart blushes love


Bless these ones
You so graciously entrust in my care
Love them oh Lord, bestowing grace daily upon them
Be their hearts’ desire, its joyful supplication

Faith, hope, and love always living in them


These Two Little Girls


Joyfully called mine
These two little girls
Pleasantly in love with pink, princesses, and purple

Oh! The happy things they do
To this beating heart of mine

*For my twin daughters, who make my heart thump with every breath they take, sometimes as they laugh in silliness or scream tears in childish naughtiness…I LOVE YOU BOTH! Thanks for not asking for goosey goosey gander, as I read this to you :). May joy always fill your hearts, as it fills mine thanks to you.*

Batteries For Birthday- Friday Fictioneers 11/16


It’s that time of the week again. Friday fictioneers par Rochelle is on, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Sean Fallon. I must say that the prompt this week is a  tough one but between fiction and reality, I managed to pull something out.

Please let me know what you think, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. As always feel free to join in and participate…these prompts really do get your creativity flowing. THANK YOU!

image courtesy of Sean Fallon

This is a tough one I thought to myself looking at the picture…as if sensing my predicament, my almost 3 year old twin daughters’ walk up to me with 3 batteries in their tiny hands…”Mommy, look batteries” they both screamed…”can I keep battery for my birthday?” one of them joyfully asked. It’s been all about birthdays and Christmas lately.

“Sure why not” I responded taking the batteries from them…”I will just keep them in this empty animal crackers jar until then ok?”…”if you find anymore batteries remember to bring them to mommy…the more you find the more presents you can get.” I continued, smiling at them as I looked over at the picture on my laptop.

“Yay!” they both chorused… batteries for birthday presents… I laughed quietly as I walked away, knowing another story had just been born, many thanks to motherhood.