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A Lone Tree-Friday Fictioneer 4/5


It is that time of the week again, Friday Fictioneers par Ms. Rochelle. This week’s image is courtesy of the very kind Scott.

I have come up with a poem for my contribution this week, please feel free to comment and leave constructive criticisms. As always, you are more than welcome to join in the fun and participate. THANKS FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY!

Image courtesy of Scott

Image courtesy of Scott

A-top the lone tree for hours we would sit
Innocent and gay, childlike we were
Taking in nature’s silence &its expanse wasteland
Love and lust in our thin(ly) shaded eyes
Desire riding on the coattail of our every thought
 The northern wind blowing high and low
 Stilling our hearts on quiet spring days

This Wait

The thirst grows with each drop of snow
Bumps like tiny points blanket in & around my inner thighs
And tight hips
Love and lust growing with each chill...

Puffs of thick white air fill the outside scene
And my cold sore lungs rise in anticipation
Ample bosom beating faster than normal

This wait for spring’s blossom and renewal is far past its prime

Late Sunday Night

I walk hand in hand with you
Through the garden of fresh desire
Love blooming like red rose petals usher in spring
The sweet fragrance of our (late) night air

Droplets of silver rain gently trickle down
Your soft palms melt into mine
The thirst of a fortnight quenched 
In one passionate smooch

Shapely Legs Of Summer Rain

Shapely legs of summer rain
walked slowly past the corridor of my icy heart
soothing soft as satin silk on my smooth shaded skin
my icy heart faded to null& roamed right into your 12o'clock arms of spring
pretty pink petals dancing before my grey colored eyes
your scented steps left a trail of scintillating rainbow

Waiting For Spring And June

The tears that flowed till March were packed aside in time for spring
Dainty pink flowers blooming as my cold & broken spirits soared
Healing and love finding its way to me as June’s warmth appeared in you

The Things He Saw(What He Saw)

He saw sunny summer in her stride
The warmth of June in her poised walk

He caught a glimpse of the golden sun reflecting off her trails
Her feet & footprints august on brown sandy beaches

He saw drops of spring in her tender eyes
Pops of yellow April and lilacs bright
Soft smile turned inward like dew drops of rain

He saw life in her soul
Love listed in adequate shades

The clear blue waters echoed her name
Teasingly calling her love...

*I can't decide on what I want or think the title should be :). 
Have a blessed and fulfilling week!*