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BB (Bale Cafe)


I will like to go to a café with you
On a mid-Wednesday morning like this
Sip on hot cocoa creamy smooth and brown as you
Nibble sweetly at bits of marble coffee cakes
Strawberry glaze staining my happy lips pink


*I was in the city on Sunday, and saw the name of a cute cafe, Bale Cafe, and this poem was born :)*

The Things He Saw(What He Saw)

He saw sunny summer in her stride
The warmth of June in her poised walk

He caught a glimpse of the golden sun reflecting off her trails
Her feet & footprints august on brown sandy beaches

He saw drops of spring in her tender eyes
Pops of yellow April and lilacs bright
Soft smile turned inward like dew drops of rain

He saw life in her soul
Love listed in adequate shades

The clear blue waters echoed her name
Teasingly calling her love...

*I can't decide on what I want or think the title should be :). 
Have a blessed and fulfilling week!*

To Lie In Your Arms


Image courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com

How I would love to lie in your arms
Sipping fine aged wine
As you nibble on exotic and sweet fruits
Dark chocolate pieces all about

Your sultry voice whispering amusing seduction
Enchantingly into my heart
My spirits soaring
With the evening breeze

Your love, my laughter
Both echoing out loud
As our eyes full and alive

Heartily take in Rome’s beautiful architecture

Wanderlust Leading Me


These chilly days
The sun’s time shortened
By autumn’s embrace of these lands
I hanker  for warmth and soothing comfort
Yearning  for something besides this space
Hoping I can find a place sunny and bright

Wanderlust leading me straight into your arms

*Happy international peace day! Please don’t forget to white wear today if you can. Have a lovely and peace filled weekend; God bless. THANKS ALWAYS!

Orişa òyìnbó- Friday Fictioneers 9/21


Friday fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods is up and running, and this week’s photo is by Lora Mitchell. I have a poem that went over the 100 word limit this week, many thanks to the image that had me thinking ancient/traditional myths, African gods and such. Comments, and constructive criticisms are welcome. Feel free to participate in this writing challenge. Thank you always!

Image courtesy of Lora Mitchell

Orişa òyìnbó
Humbly we come
Heads bowed in utmost supplication

Visit our lowly lands
We pray thee
Make them as pure as yours is perceived
For often we are told your streets are gold
Money growing green on your giant oak trees

Orişa òyìnbó
Spread your three winged might over our infants
Fast removing their sad plights and inherited misfortunes
May they grow to be innovators and leaders
Like the white man’s sons
Death far away from them

Orişa òyìnbó
Heal our hearts
Make them white and pure
Polished like the color of your sculpted image

Meet our needs
We ask thee
Peace superseding all greed and ills
Let our lands know growth like your people’s
Grace us with your goodness and elegance
May our lands be bountiful
As we come humbly
Thoughts bowed in adulation
Offering sacrifices befitting our ancestral gods
Ogún and Ṣàngó

Revive our lands
Orişa òyìnbó
Show superiority over the shortcomings of our gods
Make us whole
We beseech thee

Orişa òyìnbó
Iwin nlá
Make us whole
Heal these lands and revive our hearts

AUTHOR’S NOTES: As with many cultures, there are ancient gods, traditions, and myths. I saw this image and the idea for this poem came to mind. Before many Africans became christians; they worshipped diverse gods…I wrote this with the mindset of a person who visited Greece or some other western world, and assumed this creature to be a god, and considering the white man’s “assumed” influence, he imagined perhaps that their gods might carry the same influence over his own gods. Many of the unfamiliar terms here are in Yorùbá, one of the three major languages in Nigeria. Here are the meanings of the words:

Orişa òyìnbó- white man’s god
Ogún- god of iron
Ṣàngó- god of thunder and fire
Iwin nlá- (big) strange “out of this world” creature

International Peace Day: Friday Sept. 21st


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

It is my hope that peace will one day reign

From the most rural cities
Plagued by poverty and mundane simplicity
To the urban towns of the western world
Alive with loud gyrating music
Violence lurking in their many corners

It is my prayer
That nations will soon come together
Forgetting religion, culture, background, sect
And those other ills that tend to drive us apart

It is my deepest will
That unity love and peace
Will flow from Arab to Jew
Christian to Muslim
White to black
Man to child
And vice versa
Love peace and unity coming full circle

It is my deepest will, prayer, and hope
That peace which transcends
All international bias or boundaries
Would someday reign
Even if only for one day…

Join Lesley, Z, me, and millions around the world in acknowledging this desire by wearing white on Friday September 21st (even though it is after labor day) in support of unity and peace worldwide. Thank you Z for turning me on to this.  Little is much, when we all pitch.

A Few Of My Favorite…


Autumn and its falling leaves
Yellow brown red and dry
Rustling on the ground
Feet pounding pavements fast

Slightly sweetened cocoa
Warm and frothy thick
Dark chocolate marble pound cake
A slice or two I think

Quiet days like Tuesday
My nose buried in good books
Daddy’s words of wisdom
Mother’s echoes of truth

Hugs and silly giggles
Melting tired frowns
Me caught in the middle
Of two laughing girls

The pleasant smell of Christmas floating
Hanging in the air
Waiting for winter
To drop like perfect presents
Into thankful happy laps
Warm apple cider
Our sweet fragrance
In the night

The cuddle of giant beds
Great companion to keep it warm

Hot tea and fruity drinks
Lots of biscuits on the side
(Please be aware
Only the English kinds will do)

Laughing out loud
Singing with Julie Andrews
The Sound of Music fills the cool air..

These and many more
Including YOU and I
Love life and God
Are a few of my favorite autumn things

What are some of yours?

Where Are You?- Friday Fictioneers 8/31


It’s that time of the week again. The prompt is up, and Friday Fictioneers  are ready to go…even though it’s still Thursday. This prompt is brought to you by Madison Woods and this week’s photo is courtesy of Stacy Plowright.

This week’s photo brought some personal feelings to the limelight for me…it was a reminder of many questions that I have been pondering upon the past few months. I came up with about 3 stories and a poem, but fret not…I am only sharing 1 story and the poem (Please indulge me).

Comments, and constructive criticisms are welcome! The story is my state of mind, it’s not to bring up any arguments or debate. THANK YOU!


Every so often I wonder about heaven and where it is…

Last summer some girlfriends and I drove to Canada, and as we sped down highways lost in different conversations, I noticed the clouds gathered dark and somber…my heart fell silent as I looked in the skies.

Speaking softly to the clouds…I whispered “God, where is heaven, and where are you?”

“Is there someplace else beyond these clouds?”

“Is that where heaven abides and you reside?”

“God where are you?” I asked out loud…My friends laughed and said assuredly…he is right beside you.

I hope they are right…for some days I don’t know what or even if I believe… anymore…


The clouds
Somber pale
Beautiful and gray

They gather for to collect
And usher in earth’s lost souls

Souls who for too long have strayed
In these parts
Seeking rest and shelter
In uninhabited areas

Never finding any

They hover over green pasture
And oceans deeps

They waft about hi-rise penthouses
And urban buildings

Roaming and wandering they drift
With the hope they would find
Rest for their lost and weary souls

Le Clown’s Blogroll Contest, My Shameless Plug(s)


I try not to post more than once a day except of course on Sundays when I am sharing my “it’s all in my head” dirty mindedness poems…those are so good aren’t they? I digress…

Anyhow, yesterday his royal highness, the king of all two Canadian clowns- Le Clown did this post on his blog. He is looking for 6 more blogs to fill his awesome blog roll, but you must make a case for yourself. (If you are wondering why I want to be on his blog roll, well wonder no more…I have never been the cool kid, and I fear this might be my last chance…plus me love Le Clown long time…) but again I digress.

I stated my case to Le Clown as these- 1. how many bloggers have my unique and well crafted name? 2. how many Africans read his blog 3. I was never cool as a child…help I am desperate to be cool… 4. I never won anything until recently, many thanks to Ricardo but what do you know Le Clown was not swayed (who knew French Canadian clowns could be such independents). I even thought about telling him that his aunt Sandee is my friend, and I bought and shamelessly plugged her witty clever book- Mean-Spirited Tales on my blog…but alas I didn’t want to seem to desperate…(Little too late!)

However being the good guy that the human behind Le Clown, Eric is, he suggested I shared a poem, since Le Clown actually liked reading my poems…(yay!!!! followed by the voices of the African Children Choir…then applauses). So knowing I had no mind of my own, I posted a never before read by any human or wildcat poem, appropriately titled “Wildcat” in his comment…here is an excerpt

I know of a girl
Gentle and kind
Meeker than a lamb
Soft spoken(ly) sweet
A girl of mild manners
And great virtues…”

And because my need for attention knows no end (like my face book page- lose or gain 5 pounds, the choice is yours), I decided that an ode to Le Clown was more appropriate…bet you are thinking, “wow, Boomie is brilliant” yes, I know, I almost graduated college. (I am usually not so cocky…it’s Le Clown’s fault.)

I wrote an ode to Le Clown, a poem like no other, and what do you know…following the rules of this blog roll contest to like the most original comments, I got 4 likes, many thanks to the only Madame I know- Mme. Weebles…then Brigitte who has never read my blog liked…am I good or what, people? My fellow victim of left eye wacks by toddlers, Daddyranman showed loved too, as did my dear friend, who I am hoping will guest post a poem he wrote on my comment section, the amazing poet asoulwalker gave me 2 likes…that guy deserves to be president I tell you. (Can I kiss ass or what…years of practice I tell you).

Ok, so maybe I just started following asoulwalker‘s blog and I can’t call him a dear friend, but anyone who can leave a poem like that in my comment section has to be a lyrical genius or gangsta.

Here is the Ode to his royal clowness, Le Clown :

An ode to Le Clown
Oh! Le Clown
Most magnificent clown
In all of Canada’s town
Speaking English and French in the same sentence

Majestic creator of a clown on fire
Husband of one fine Ringmistress
Great clown dad of The Whispering Petunia
And Tiny Geek, formerly Lord Evil poppy

Supporter and advocate of Walsh skate school

Oh! Le Clown
First French Canadian clown ever
To grace the cover of Time magazine
While boldly breast feeding his sock monkey
No clown dead or alive can compare
Not even any of Madame Weebles hot dead men

Your eyes spitting fire
With the magic tricks your blog performs
Funny witty
Brilliant and comical

Le nephew of dear Aunt Sandee
Lover of star wars and all things geeky
No other clown can compare

For none have the sensitive heart of Eric
The gentleman and kind human
Behind Le Clown’s brilliance

Oh Le Clown
What more can I do
To be on your blogroll

8/28/12 13:19pm

So this morning after praying and fasting that I would get on the blog roll, what do you know Le Clown did a new post asking that we publish a post about the contest on our blogs…he also made a list of the votes thus far, and I have only 4 compared to some blogger who shall remain unlinked had 17 (can you hear my heart breaking from across the pond?). So here is the post Le Clown, are you happy now? I have successfully shared my dwindling 15 minutes of fame with you…I am now left with 9.5 minutes ticking fast… Adam, I might need you to spread your Wednesday wackiness on a certain clown’s blog.

Dear readers, please go and state my case on his blog, Luke use that oh so fine dialect from your last story series…I never ask for anything right except that one time I asked you to vote for Nicole…please do till Sept. 15th…PLEASE! I would mention your name, when I finally become famous in my father’s village, I promise. Ask Nifti, and Lily they were just made famous in my house.

Also make sure you comment with a lot of emoticons on Le Clown’s blog, he detests them but what other way can I get my message across than to irritate him :). Between my twinnie, Cestone, Kyle (whom I suspect Le Clown really likes), Soma (who I am going to ask to do some Hindu chants on Le Clown if I don’t get on his blog roll), and Len who will pray the chants away…I just might get on this high and mighty blog roll…Marian stop by too, you’ve been one of my longest readers…and you, yes you Steve and Jack’s buddy stop by too.

Bet you didn’t know that Boomie girl had a lot of crazy in her…well neither did I. Guess my therapist is right…there must be two people in me, she said because my name is too damn long to belong to just one girl :).

Come back tomorrow…I wouldn’t be this desperate!

DISCLAIMER: This is all in pure fun! Please note; no therapists, animals, madmen, desperate housewives, vampires, true blood fans (Susan), werewolves, politicians, Canadians, Africans, Nickelback fans, Americans or any other creatures were hurt in the writing of this post…The same cannot be said for Boomie and her already fragile ego and reputation. Le Clown, we are never getting freshly pressed now!

Joelle’s Doll


With her bestest friend…

She had allergies…the kind that got so bad; she broke out in bruises and bumps, rashes and boils whenever she scratched.

After several tests, the medical professionals said Alena, soft and cuddly; her best(est) friend and bedtime companion had to go. Alena was made from material that her body couldn’t handle…

Hot and painful tears streamed down her rash filled face…”no wanna throw away” she begged as her mom tried to explain to her what the doctor was saying…2 year old Joelle didn’t get it. This was her best friend and baby…her very own cabbage patch doll given to her by her aunt T…she screamed in horror as mom tried to take the doll away.

Mom thought it was best to get rid of it as soon as possible, she had the rip the band aid off quick and fast mentality.

Sara watched in horror as this tiny angel continued to cry…she understood her mom’s sentiments, yet she felt the little girl’s pain as memories flooded her own mind.

Sara remembered her little cabbage patch doll, Gwendolyn Elizabeth and how daddy had forgotten her on a tourist bus on the lovely streets of Brussels…Sara went to bed that night and had her first nightmare…Gwenny as she called her doll was crying for her and she couldn’t do anything about it…Sara hoped Joelle wouldn’t have nightmares like her….

She wanted to hug 2 year old Joelle as she walked out of the medical offices of the Sherman Oaks Hospital crying as her mother tried to console her. Joelle was crying for Alena to come back…

* I was looking through my table last night and discovered notes scribbled on all sorts of paper…I found a poem I had written for one of the girls when her doctor said she had to let her soft dolls go… I decided to make the poem into this short story.

Ever so often she sees a picture of the dolls and asks “where baby go” “mommy took baby away” Those dolls were her first, even though one belonged to her twin sister…she felt entitled to them both.  The second picture was taken minutes before her dad forgot the doll on the bus…it was a rough night.

She recently got a new doll and yesterday, she held her new doll and said “you are my best friend, I keep you well ok…” Here’s hoping the allergies stay off, so she can keep her new baby well*