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Winter Blues

Winter has me bound hands and knees first
I am a captive 60 days and still counting...
My heart broken in its embrace cannot see spring’s color filled horizon
My mind wanders for days without end longing for hope’s warmth and love’s touch
Sleep deprived and dreams unfulfilled 
My tired eyes sag under the burden of heavy falling snow

In This Year’s Spring

When the rain falls on us in this year’s spring
Your ready red lips I slowly will kiss
Pink and yellow blossoms dancing all about
Warmth slowly reignited
As sunshine June begs to say hello


Dark dreary quiet and gloom
The clouds feel and see no warmth
Hanging their heavy heads low
They burst forth in tears



November framed on this heart frozen from chilly nights
Finds warmth in hot cocoa pumpkin spiced lattes
Cinnamon apple pies and sweet cider smells

Echoes of gratitude and good wishes bouncing off its walls
Lavender vanilla and autumn finding comfort in the air

If I Could

If I could, I would turn the tide of this bitter cold
Gently breaking its back into many small unrecognizable fragments
And slowly open the skies to the Sun, golden warm like your touch

Glorious In Its Rise


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

Glorious in its rise
The sun shines brightly
My heart basks in its warmth


Glowing brightly golden
This Sunday morn
The sun radiantly shines
On this part of the world

My heart basking in its warmth
Gloriously says a prayer for you

May you always find newness
With many reasons to smile

And lots of happy blessings
To be very thankful for

I Imagine October


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

I imagine October
An art of colorful hues

With reds blushing elegance
In the light of golden suns fading greens into yellow
Browns toning the grounds
In sync with earth

As autumn breeze gently spreads
It’s blissful stroke of peace
Over nature

October is splattered brightly
On a canvas of graceful adornments

Autumn’s color and warmth
It’s masterful showcase

*Have a lovely and peace filled weekend*

My Heart, My Being


My heart beats for you
It longs for you
It wants your affection
Your love and

So does my being…

My being wants your
Your love and
Your touch

It wants your sweet kisses
Your warm and loving sweet kisses

My being wants your time
It wants your mind

It wants your heart
So we can beat as one

I believe in you


Courtesy of lovepictures.ca

I am lucky no blessed to be in your love
I don’t believe in luck
but I believe in you
And the blessedness of your love

I believe in
your touch
and the power of its warmth

Your Taste…

And gratifying
Long after your lingering kisses

Your eyes…


I believe in your heart
I believe in your eyes
I believe in your love
And the blessedness of your being

I believe in you