In The Arms…


I wrote this poem for my friends, who lost their fathers a week apart in the month of January, this year. That month, I heard about a lot of death; people losing their parents, and loved ones, it was a rough month to say the least.

Today, even as America, and the world mourn and remember Whitney Houston; I share this poem with every hurting heart. I dedicate this poem not only to my friends,-Teju and Isabella, but to everyone who has lost someone in recent times. May their memories remain forever blessed in your heart; and may you always find comfort in the arms of the One who is able to bring peace to every hurt. This one is for you!

In The Arms…

I don’t know that I can make it better
I can’t even attempt to try
But I can offer words of prayer
In the midst of the chaotic silence
When a loved one is gone
That you find comfort and peace
In the arms of the One who gives; and takes away

I can’t promise you relief
I can’t tell you that the pain will go away soon
But I can hold your hands, and with you pray,
In the midst of the heart ripping grief
When a beloved is no more
That you find peace, and comfort
Oh that you find peace in the chaos, however silent it maybe
In the arms of the One who gives, even though he also takes away.


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