Threshold for pain: MOM is the word!!!


I wrote this poem like this; without stops and breaks to emphasize the fast pace life of the subject. Mothers of young children know that sometimes, it feels or seems like there is no break or stop to the speed of their day or schedule. It feels almost breathless, very rapid. NON-STOP! So i tried to capture that by keeping the words going at an unstopped pace. Take a breath before reading :).

Her day starts at 5 in the morning, it’s a lucky day.
Diaper changed, boogies wiped, bottles cleaned,
She doesn’t stop the pacing, her mind keeps racing.
Her shift continues through breakfast, and nap
SHHH!!! It’s nap time!
Except its one of those days
Her son won’t nap
So She doesn’t have time to eat.
He is kicking and screaming
She tries to comfort him
But gets warm milk on her chest.
She should flinch in pain, but she’s become numb to certain kinds.
Her shift continues through lunch, and playtime,
They just hit her with a really big toy, POING!!!
She attempts to breastfeed her son
But instead of sucking he’s biting her boobies, OUCH!!!
She winces in pain, and screams in her head-TIME OUT!!!
Her daughter just poured some juice all over the floor
She manages to get a rag for clean up, she’s on all fours
Her son thinks it’s piggy back time, and pulls her hair
She attempts to use a painkiller and then she hears a scream, MA!!!
Her daughter has just removed her pull-up and dumped it on her brother.
She turns to clean him up, but he is running around
She puts her daughter in the corner, and tries to clean the mess.
She feels her back hurting from that darn epidural. Now that’s pain!
She attempts to drink some water, but hears a loud BANG!
She can’t begin to think, what it could possibly be?
She is exhausted, she is hungry, she is a mess, she is stressed
the telephone is blaring, RING!!! the kids are howling. HAAA!!!
The day is almost over, she pushes through the pain
She must make it through another day
Just when she thinks she can’t
her daughter climbs in her arms, and says “kiss kiss”
She looks up with a smile, and plants a big MUAH!!!
She forgets all about the pain, she knows she can make it
Her threshold for pain…MOM is the word!!!


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