It’s often said that if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. I don’t dispute it!

But I know for certain that if you can live, and survive in Èkó (Lagos)Nigeria, you can make it anywhere.

I wrote this poem to share my love for this amazing city. I can’t begin to mention all the beautiful things that make the city of Lagos a truly great city. If New York city is a concrete jungle, Èkó is down right a jungle, because where else would you find égúngún (masquerades) roaming the streets in broad daylight, as Escalades and Mercedes Benzes drive by.

Èkó is a city that molds great men and women of strength, wit, survival and character. Simply put, she’s an eye- opening city!

I apologize to my non-Yorùbá readers, but if I wrote this poem entirely in English, I wouldn’t be true to the city, and if I tried to translate it, that would feel like a disservice to the essence of this poem. So please excuse me on this one.

This is one is for Èkó- my place of birth, my home, for Èkó- the place that I love, my known. Èkó òní bàjë, ó bàjë tì. ç kí rà fún Èkó!

Eyo- Image courtesy of http://www.wutang-corp.com

Èkó òní bàjë
She is my home

Èkó òní bàjë
She is my known

Segregated and unequal
Home of the hard knocks

Rich and poor
Home of “ajç butters”

It is no New York
No need for comparisons…
But if you can make it here
you can make it anywhere

Èkó ni ilé
she is my home

Èkó ni ilé
she is my known

Èkó òní bàjë
this I know.


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  1. I am glad you directed me here….. I love this poem…. speaks so true to the character of Lagos….. our Lagos…. you have truly captured it in few words…… thanks for stopping by and for this beautiful poem that you have decided to share…. yes, it is a place you will see masquerades and posh rides driving by…… please keep on writing… you are an inspiration……

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