My Two Cents: To Parents, and would be Parents.


Life is short! And even if we are fortunate enough to live 100 years, it is still not enough time to spend with the ones we truly love, but we must remain thankful for whatever time we have to spend with them.
I am neither experienced, nor wise enough to offer advice to anyone let alone parents, but here’s my 2 cents nonetheless; to parents, and would be parents.

I am a mom of 2 year old twin girls, who think they are actually 20, bless their innocent hearts. I think their birth has taught me a remarkable lot about selflessness, and I’m still learning that everyday.

My advice is something I started doing just as the girls were about to turn 1; writing them notes, poems, and letters. The idea was not to show off any writing skills, and believe me I have none, but rather to leave a part of me with them always. And so the notes were often left unedited, just straight from my heart and head, scratched out sentences and all sorts of raw thoughts.

See it shouldn’t take terminal diseases or an impending disaster for us to do this. We should leave words of wisdom, life lessons, and encouragement with them anyway we can. Even if the kids are not yet here, write about your experiences before they came in the picture, your frame of mind, your love, your life, what you want them to know.

So every now and then, I write notes for the girls; it doesn’t matter what it’s about. I write about my dreams for them, my experiences as their mother, my unfailing love for them, their heritage, my prayers for them, my state of mind, and everything that I believe will be of great benefit to them.

I lost my mom many years ago, and if I had know I would have her in my life for less than 20 years, oh I would have asked that she document life lessons and advices for me. There are days I need her, especially now that I’m a mom and seem to need help every step of the way. If I had her notes or videos they would serve as reference points, and my way of hearing from her even after she’s been long gone.

So, I’ve decided to write to my girls ever so often, even now as I write I’m thinking I would do videos, and audios too. And no, I’m not dying, and don’t plan to die soon. In fact I pray I’m around long enough to see the girls get married and have kids, if they so desire. But still, I want to be with them always, communicating with them every possible way I can.

For now however, I keep talking to them while also pouring out my heart in notes, poems, and stories. Because I want them to always have me wherever life takes them, and long after i am gone.


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  1. That is a very nice idea. I hope I can find some time to do this. i did write a wonderful poem for my daughter but I have no idea where I put it now, hope I find it =/

  2. Boomie….thumbs up! What you’re doing is massive inspiration for manu. This post in particular….you may not know it, but many kids will be grateful to you (unknowingly) that you spurred their parents on to leave them legacies in writing. Writing is so important in these times, and you never know how or you your writing will affect and change their lives forever.

    You’ll be dedicated a mention in my write-ups for sure. Keep up the good work. You’ve got ppl rooting for you globally. 🙂

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