I am not my body!


Don’t you just hate those people who look like they are always picture perfect, their hair always together with the prettiest face you only see, and know have been retouched in magazines, and legs that go on forever. Yes, i hate those people :). They are the type of people that can eat anything, and everything and still stay fit with little to no workout. If you are one of such people reading this note, aargh at you :). Truth be told, we are more than our looks, however they may seem. We are not our bodies.

Slim arms, flat abs
Slender frame, full breasts
Round bums, long legs
5 foot 11 inches
Brown skin, dark hair
I am not my body!

Fat hands, chubby face
Obese form, flat chest
Big booty, short gams
6 foot 3 inches
Pale skin, red hair
I am not my body!

Smart mind, articulate voice
Brilliant soul, cheerful spirit
Honest heart, sincere soul
Great talent, fine attitude
Black girl, white man
I am not my body!

True character, sweet manners
Lovely personality, amazing psyche
Loyal ears, wise mouth
Humble one, graceful being
Young boy, old woman
I am not my body!


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  1. Love this poem. Reminds me of the song, “I am not my hair” by India Arie. I am not sure if you ever heard it but if not, you should youtube it. It’s a great tune.

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