Untitled: Still I Write.


My first attempt at writing anything was at age 13, it was a poem, (Universal Woman). It was written for my secondary school principal, the now late Rev Sr. Cecilia Adeniran. It was her birthday and I thought to give her a gift, and so I wrote the poem.

I don’t know where the words came from, but they were honestly magical; it celebrated the power of being a woman regardless of our profession, or color. It talked about a woman’s strength. She liked it a lot and I remember her telling the vice principal that I had written a wonderful poem for her, fortunately I had given one to the vice principal as well, it was titled (woman). They both liked it. After that, I started writing poems, notes and anything that came to my mind. Unfortunately on march 17 1994, I lost those poems along with everything my family owned in a fire that destroyed our home. I stopped writing.

16 years and the birth of my twin girls later, I wrote again (A mother’s simple reflections). I haven’t stopped since…I don’t intend to ever stop again. In some ways, when i am writing i feel like that 13 year old girl again, at peace and calm. Expressing my thoughts through words that sometimes just seem to come. I am no Maya Angelou, or Robert Louis Stevenson, but I know that some words come to me and they go beyond my own human intelligence, or comprehension of words, that I feel the need to express and document them. I know I have to write. Sometimes it’s a hit, other times it not. But the great thing for me is that I continue to write. Who knows what it would bring?


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  1. It’s a great thing to write. I’ve always loved writing, especially since the advent and popularity of the computer. So, I guess I can effectively say instead…I love to ‘type’? Lolz. Anyway, my art was in essay writing back in my primary and secondary school days. Always gave my teachers the best essays in class *beaming with pride*.

    I’d love to publish your poems online if you don’t mind… There’s a website I run called TrueTalk (www.truetalk.com.ng) and I could create a section for them. Whatcha think? 🙂

    • Yes, writing can be therapeutic. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky with essays in school, especially college. My first paper in freshman year was a D :(. That doesn’t help my confidence at all lol.

      Thanks for all your kind words. I will get back to you on your website:).

  2. How devastating to lose those specially crafted words. Thank God for the current digital age! Thank you for sharing, especially that connection to the past.

  3. Oh Sweet Rev. Sister Cecilia… may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. That woman was a mother… even when we did wrong, she corrected us with a stern/smiley face. I love her!!!

    Sweetest memories of my secondary school days… lol… i feel the excitement building up 🙂

  4. Just catching up on all the posts I’ve missed since the weekend. Praise be to the God of Restoration! I pray that He will continue replace and restore any void or loss from March 1994.

    In the midst of it all, I think you have found a calling/ministry; something in the comfort, writing, and/or therapy arena. Good to know it’s back and here to stay! More grace to you as you develop in your gifts.

  5. I love going back to the first few posts of an established blog and finding the first few tentative steps. The voyage of self-discovery. The secrets revealed of “why we write” and “how we feel”.
    I know what you means when you say: “…. I am no Maya Angelou, or Robert Louis Stevenson, but I know that some words come to me and they go beyond my own human intelligence, or comprehension of words, that I feel the need to express and document them. I know I have to write.”

    Writing is a compulsion. You might as well ask me to stop breathing. Even if I don’t write all my poems and stories on a page – they are still being written in my head. Sometimes when I am driving I will hear something on the radio, or see something outside my windshield. I will have to pull over and madly scribble. Many days later I will find my inspired scrawl and say “what the heck was I trying to write?” The snippets seem alien like some other voice was speaking through me – and then inspiration takes hold and the seed becomes something bigger….

    • Merlin,

      Your comment is like looking in the mirror. I have found myself many times in parking lots scribbling away. Sometimes, when i can’t stop on the road i keep mumbling to myself or record the words on my phone.
      I have had to run into the library once to get paper and pen…i think it is the madness of our passion lol.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my old posts. I often do the same when i discover a new blog and writer. I also appreciate your telling Le Clown to give me a spot on his blogroll. The whole contest was a lot of fun and getting to meet other bloggers was just amazing.

  6. ” I am no Maya Angelou, or Robert Louis Stevenson” You are YOU and your words are special just as they are because they are an expression of YOU. How great is that? I say it’s pretty freaking amazing 🙂

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