What our tears won’t say.


I was thinking about what to post today, and decided on a poem. I had thought about posting something about the school shooting that happened in Ohio yesterday, but I didn’t quite feel up to it. I decided I would write a poem about something uplifting or even funny, but as I picked up my IPad, there was an alert from CNN that another student had died from the shooting. I couldn’t ignore that.

I couldn’t write a poem to describe what had happened at Ohio, I wasn’t there, and didn’t want to take away from the pain of the community, students, parents, and the school. But I still wanted to honor them in my own little way. I have been a part of this kind of experience before, when my school was attacked by a gunman on Valentine’s Day. I was on campus that day, and I remember the panic, confusion, fear, and disbelief as we got the news. It hit home even more because I took classes in the room where the devastation occurred, and was there only the day before.

I remember crying for days, and wondering why we hurt ourselves so much. I had so many questions, and was so unhappy that one of the places that should be the safest environment in the world had now become one of the most unsafe. It’s unfortunate that these senseless deeds keep happening.

What our tears won’t say was written for the Northern Illinois University community, and I haven’t adjusted it in anyway, but I want to dedicate it to every institution of learning that has been through the tragedy of an on- campus shootings, and rampage. I dedicate it to all the students atChardonHigh School, especially to the families who have lost their children. May you find peace in this devastating calamity.

What our tears won’t say….

This kind of tragedy should never be known amongst us

Not on a center of learning, not on a field of knowledge

But then it happens, and we are deeply reminded

Reminded of life’s fragility, its frailty

And so we cry, we curse, we fear, and then we try to sleep

Hoping that it’s all a nightmare, a really bad one

Then we break out in sweat, we are awake, thinking what a dream

And as we try to go back to sleep, just when our heads hit the pillow

Reality sets in… and so sleep is gone… we are deep in thoughts

We try to make sense of the senseless…we search for hope, albeit false

Then we remember, we are Notable, we are Illustrious, we are United

We are NIU…Huskies pride

So we know that we can move on, not forgetting February 14 2008

Yet, not allowing it to define us, we have come too far for that

We honor our past, we live and cherish our present, and together we build our future

Because we are Notable, we are Illustrious, we are United…

We are Huskies pride…We are NIU


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