Macaroni and Peas


I am sure a lot of parents can attest to the fact that with little ones around the house, there is no eating alone. It is very true with my little girls, and I don’t mind it all except on a few occasions as this. I want them to eat with me especially when I am eating my vegetables, brown rice, or other yucky foods like that. The idea is that if they see mommy eating her veggies, they would want to eat theirs too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Poor me! 😦

On this particular day though, I was eating veggies, but not in the mood to share, yep, mommy who tells them to share all the time doesn’t want to share today. So I put a lot of peas in my lunch and started eating. As usual they came one after the other: “mommy, what doing?” that translates to “mommy, what are you doing?” “I am eating.” I replied with a sly smile. The scenario is the story behind this poem.

Macaroni and Peas

Eating my lunch
Twas macaroni and peas
Along comes one of my babies
With a quick look
And a no- no
She turned away
The peas made it so

In comes her sister
Without any clue
She headed towards me
Thinking of my food
She saw the meal
And turned away
The peas made it so

I smiled to myself
Happy my plan had worked
I didn’t want to share
My very little lunch
And so I ate in peace
And left out all the peas.


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