My Life In Run: Treadmill Lover!


It’s already been established I’m having an affair with the treadmill, if you read my very first post (My Affair), you would see why. But I don’t just do it because it is fun, on the contrary, running can be tough, neither do I just do it for the weight; I also do it for my health, and the way it makes me feel afterwards. Empowered, energetic, and almost like I am ready to take on the world, I love running, it’s therapy for me.

See, every day I’m blessed to hump my lover, I get on with a prayer and Ye on the IPod and run with passion so explosive I erupt past distances I never thought capable. It’s almost like I am blazing. With the treadmill, and running, I live in the moment and take full advantage. Almost like there is no tomorrow. I go long, and I go hard past distances I never even imagined my body could go. A lady once said to me at the gym, “you are bad out there, girl.” And it’s true, I become a totally different person, I don’t play, I don’t mess around, when I’m running I am in a zone. I am focused!

Don’t get it twisted, it’s not all love, no, not at all, there are days of sore backs, and hurting knees but it’s on those days that I find the run more exciting. It is on those days that the desire is so overpowering that once I hit the mill, I unleash with passion so intense, and I explode like I just came.

I guess it’s like those volatile relationships where there’s fire, passion, and drama. The dangerous and unhealthy kind of love; where the fireworks never stop. There’s pain but passion and then pain with gain, except in our case it’s healthy, at least for me :).

So come tomorrow God willing, my thighs will be burning with fiery passion on my enormous lover.

Forever yours

Run Lover, Treadmill Humper.


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