Thank You!!!



I started blogging recently but I couldn’t consider myself a blogger; nah, too many awesome bloggers out there, who actually know what they are doing. I could give a few mentions here, but then I wouldn’t want to put anyone on the spot. Nonetheless I love writing, I really do; even though my first paper in college got a D, and the prick said my writing annoyed him. Still, I find writing therapeutic.

What I enjoy just as much are the nice comments, likes, and recommendations I get from other writers, bloggers, and friends. They make me smile, and keep at it, knowing that other people besides my younger sister (who I hound every day and bribe to read my posts) are actually reading :). Yep! I like the validation.

So this note is to thank everyone who ever read my posts, or will in the near future. Special shout out to all who follow, recommend, and comment. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the bloggers who like my posts. Here’s hoping I can continue to write about things that you enjoy and find worthy of your time.

I am truly thankful for the support, please keep them coming. I feed off of them. THANK YOU!!!

Boomie Bol


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