Choice Drink


I walked into the bar that night

with only one thing on my mind.

I asked the bartender for a glass

of my choice drink,

he winked and smiled slyly

he knew how i liked it

sourly sweet, sweetly tart.

Everytime, it only tasted better

like my first glass.

As he mixed and stirred

I tossed my long glossy hair back,

and closed my eyes thinking…

How it would feel, when i get a taste

Just then, he handed me the glass

and i didn’t have to imagine anymore

A sip, and all the emotions flooded in

first, my throat burnt slightly from the sour

My throat tingled, but only for a moment

Then like a flood, the sweet rushed in

and without thinking, i tossed my head back

in glee, and satisfaction

and tossed down my drink of choice all at once.


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