Like Mother, Like Daughter: A tale in shoes


I love shoes! I offer no apologies. I love them, six-inch pumps, flats, kitten heels, boots, sandals, designer ones and every shoe in between. I just love shoes.

So when one of my girls started asking to put on shoes first thing in the morning, I knew who she got it from. Kayla, would wake up, and go into her twin sister’s closet and pick out a new pair every day, her own shoes are stacked up too high for her to reach.

The interesting thing is that she wouldn’t pick the crib shoes, or even fancy Dora slippers, and she loves her some Dora; no she would pick the gold-toned gap flats, or the pink sequined Stuart Weitzman boots. Ah! Yes, my little 2 year old loves Shoes, and I think she’s got great taste for her age. Just the other day, I saw her trying on my new Calvin Klein flats.

It’s amazing the things kids pick from their parents, I would have never thought love for shoes would be one of them. But if there is ever any doubt that she is my daughter, I am certain her love for shoes would prove otherwise.

Here’s hoping she has her father’s mathematical and technical side, because Lord knows she won’t get that from me.


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  1. ……you’ve passed that love on!!!since we’ve been graced with their prescence you’ve had their little footsies dressed so cutesie!!!they’re always soooo fly!!! 🙂

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