A Mother’s Reflections

A Mother’s Reflections


I had done my post for the day, and was looking through old writings when I found this. I was contemplating if I should post it or not. My girls woke up from their nap just in time to give me an answer. They started driving me bananas. I knew there was a reason I saw the note after all. I sat them on the bed with me, and we looked through their 3 day old pictures.

Those were the quiet times, and to think then that I thought things were loud and rough. Alot has changed since 2009, but my love for them has remained constant only growing with time.

A Mother’s Reflections

On the 3rd of December 2009, at 11:59am, Twin A was born; a short minute later at 12:00 noon, Twin B came out. Twin A turned out to be OluwaPonmile Kayla Erinoluwa; Twin B is our little diva OluwaPekunmi Jordan Okikioluwa.

This was almost a year ago, as I ponder over the past year; I am amazed at how much my life as changed as an individual, and how my world has been impacted. I have come to have a new level of respect for the female gender, I cannot but think about all the single mothers out there, and how they make it happen. I salute and respect their courage, strength, and the grace with which they raise their children.

Over the past year, I have missed my mom, and ached for her more than ever before; I have longed for conversations with her, advice on how to handle the change that has come. I think I have had more dreams of her than ever before. I have learnt more than ever to cherish the little moments that we have with our loved ones, I am learning not to take them for granted.

In this year, I have discovered my own strength, limits have been tested, and I have flip flopped several times, from patience to impatience, and then back again; from screaming in my head to laughing like a hyena.  I have been pooped and peed on; I have mastered the art of nursery rhymes, and can recite several in a heart beat. I have learnt 3-hr sleep, even though I wish I could sleep for 12 hours; if wishes were horses right.

I yearn for quiet times, and so I take drives and run errands as much as I can; but I can’t wait to get back home. I look forward to the smiles and excited faces that await me. It feels like a reward for just being me. It feels like I matter to them, it feels like LOVE.

I want to do better; I want to make a difference; I want to live right; I want to do right by the girls. Sometimes I don’t know if I can; sometimes I don’t know how I will, but I never seize to ask for strength from the One who gave them to me.

Who am I that God would consider me worthy? Who am I that he would so graciously bless me with such treasures? I don’t know that I have answers, but I am certain, he has been so much to me and mine; simply because he is God.

Biodun and I are forever changed by December 3rd 2009; I know the change is good. We miss the quiet, “us” time; but we cherish what we have now. We often thought of ourselves with all humility as giving; I dare say the past year has taught us what it means more than ever before to be unselfishly selfless.

As the girls turn one, I pray God for a special birthday present from the One who can give life, the one who made their conception and delivery possible; I pray he gives them wisdom to fear him; grace to walk with him, courage to trust him, and more than anything the heart to love him. I want them to live the life that he has for them because only then can they fulfill destiny.

I want the girls to be kind, compassionate, and loving. I want the girls to be who they were meant to be. They are so alike, yet they are oh so different; it’s amazing how they can be a minute apart. I want them to be best friends.

I am thankful to family, and friends for all their love and support; I doubt that we could have done it without them. I am thankful to Biodun, for supporting, encouraging, and loving me; I am thankful for the father and daddy he is; and the one I know he can and will become.

I am thankful to my dad, for being my dad. I can’t wait for the girls to call him grandpa; I can’t wait for them to meet all their aunties, uncles, and cousins.

I write this with sincerity in my heart and tears in my eyes, I am thankful to God for making me a Mother. As ‘Ponle and ‘Pekun turn 1; these are my reflections.


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  1. This piece brought tears to my eyes and I can only imagine how they will feel when they read this a couple of years from now. You are a blessing to the girls.

  2. I remember reading this for the first time in 2010, and the tears were flowing like a river. Glad you shared it with the world, now others can see what a great person/ writer you are.

  3. I remember reading this a while back too…. that was when i discovered your FB notes…. and Gosh! i read them all up within an hr.
    Funny thing… reading this again felt so brand new!

    These names… Oluwaponmile, ErinOluwa, Oluwapekunmi, OkikiOluwa… are POWERFUL.

    Priceless pictures of your angels. May God keep them for you 🙂

  4. rili luv this note b,makes me so proud to have achieved every woman’s greatest aspiration.all of a sudden my two-year old’s antics for attention after a long day’s not driving me mad anymore. i’m giving her biscuits to pacify her instead as i’m rili happy i have her

  5. Yes!!! She finally put it up ere*wink. I remember the first day i read dis particular post on FB it sure brought tears to my eyes had to share with some of my colleagues at work. They wia equally moved by dis wonderful piece. Good job Boomie. Kisses to d girls

  6. Dear Bunmi,
    This was such a beautiful piece!!!
    ps: your writing is amazing! I think sharing your life from such an honest place is ALWAYS art in it’s purest form. Much love to you and the girls.

  7. You have a sincere heart, dear one. That is more rare than ever. I like how you said you want the girls to be who they’re meant to be. That’s not easy in our age of expectations. May it be so for them. ( and us as well)

    • First off, thanks Luke for reading this. I try not to read it because it always makes me cry…almost two years later and this still tugs at my heart.

      Every year i write them letters for their birthday… in form of prayers, and things i desire for them. I really do what them to be who they were meant to be, because it is the one thing that has plagued me personally for most of my life…in my thirities now i am still struggling to find myself…

      Amen to the prayers, and God’s best for all our children. Thank you kindly sir :).

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  9. This was very beautiful. I somehow think that it’s a bad idea to share your personal life on this blog. i keep my own personal life, the details at least, private. It’s an individual thing of course. But you’ve done something personal here and gone beyond it, transcending your own life to arrive at the abstract/universal. Like I say, it’s a beautiful piece. All the best.

  10. This is sweetly beautiful, Boomie. You know what? As I read this, I said to myself that God will surely listen to all your prayers and the girls are just going to be great women in future. You are a gem of a mother. And there is nothing so priceless as a prayeing wife and mother. God bless you and the twins, Boomie as they celebrate their 3rd birthday today. 🙂

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