If the world was wordpress.com


I just started blogging recently, and so I am still pretty new at this. But I must say that it’s been so much fun. I have enjoyed posting daily, as it pushes me to dig deeper into myself, and pull out things I never imagined I would share. It has helped my art of writing too. I work harder and better now, knowing I am somewhat on public display. Overall I have enjoyed my time on wordpress.com so far, I hope it only gets better.

In my few short months on this blog site, I have discovered the most amazing writers, and blogs on all sorts of subject. There are so many great writers and minds out there. I have also found that bloggers are so polite and kind. Responding to comments as much as they can, liking posts, following other bloggers, and just general courtesy that I think is lacking in the world today, and so I thought, if the world was like wordpress.com ( I don’t know how other blog sites are, hence my use of just wordpress.com), we would be living in a better world.

People would look out for other people, support other people, and help them to reach their full potential. People would recommend their colleagues, neighbors, and other folks in their lives for jobs. There would be no jealousy, as everyone would respect the other’s work, and even offer referrals as necessary.

We would be able to speak our minds freely without fear of attack and judgment, knowing other citizens of the world are living as honestly as they possibly can. Yes, it would indeed be a world of “thank-you” “kind comments” and “likes”.

But since we live in the real world, I guess we have to deal with the constant stinker of life. Still, for those of us that blog; we are blessed enough to have this world, where we can pursue our passions freely, and support one another.


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