Deep Writing- I think not!!!


Courtesy of a dirty mind 🙂 and a friend's BBM dp.

I feel the need to apologize for this post:), especially to my conservative readers who might feel offended. I also want to explain how I came up with the poem, note (I don’t think I can call it a poem, don’t want to offend the poem police).

I was talking to a friend, who I think is an amazing writer via email (check her out on; Kay Akinmade) and she suggested that I enter a writing competition. I explained that I was not sure I could handle being judged by people like that; still I decided to check it out. I wanted to see what other entrants and past winners had submitted.

As I looked through the poems, I was overly impressed. People used words in ways that were just phenomenal. I spent almost an hour just lost in poems, and as I read one after another, I knew I had to step my game up, I didn’t think any of my poems would make the cut. Afterwards I decided to sit down and do some deep writing. I wanted to write something that deserved attention, and possibly a prize. I wanted to move readers the way I was moved by the poems I had just read.

The following note is what I came up with (hands over my face in shame:)). Needless to say I have not entered any competition yet. I don’t think I would anytime soon. Please don’t let this note turn you off. I do have some pretty cool stuff to write and talk about; it’s just sometimes my dirty mind takes over. I promise there would be something more intellectual tomorrow:).

Reading all their work
I start to ponder
I couldn’t possibly attempt to enter
Or even seek to win the contests

Their work seems so deep,
Past mediocre, very prolific,

They appear so rich,
Thoughts provoking

So I attempt to go
Above my usual self
And become extraordinary

I try to be profound,
I endeavor
I strive
to join the club of intellectuals
And deep thinkers
whose works I found so

But all I could come up with
was this note in tow,
And a letter to my lover,
about last night…
With a picture of his Dick!


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  1. Sis, intellectual, but for the picture and last line. Keep writing………. Well sometimes it is ……………..(Fill in the blank).

  2. I don’t think any apologies are necessary on your part. Expression comes in many forms and can all be appreciated as a whole. The art of writing is a beautiful thing. It is the one true thing that cannot be boxed. Not all will agree or like everything they read but what matters is your courage to put pen to paper and even more your willingness to share your thoughts here with us. I enjoyed your write. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Cheers 🙂

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