Waiting on words


All through yesterday
I didn’t hear from you
I didn’t feel you, see you
Must have been
Cause I was ill and weary
Still I would have fancied
Just a word or two

Slipping on my red tights
This morning
You are all that’s on my mind
Hoping and wondering…
When you will come back
Come back to me again
as I desire a word or more

its late evening,
and i need you
Taking off my pink laces
I still haven’t thought
of anything else
but you

It’s been you and only you
all day today
just as I’m about to
Give up and
turn in for the night
you show up

In more ways than one
You show up, and
Make it all up to me
and as I lie down
on my king size bed…

I smile in gratitude
knowing the next hour
or more
is going to be magic
Explosive Magic


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