Diets, workouts, and all things skinny- Do you!!!


Two of my amazing friends came over for my birthday recently, and we got to talking about everything, and as usual the issue of weight loss, diets, and all things skinny came up. I swear it’s like there’s no end to it.

My friends are both enrolled in different boot camp classes, and are having so much fun. They can feel the burn, and the difference in their clothes. I am so happy for them. But I have tried boot camp before, and I love it but it’s just too tough, and my schedule doesn’t permit it now.

As the conversation continued our faces stuffed with sinful yet so delicious cake, Flakey, one of my friends said; ” so my boot camp instructor said, carbs should be before 7pm, or better yet don’t have your carbs for dinner” ” oh really,” I responded, “it’s the first time I’ve heard that.”

“Oh that’s true” my other friend, Seun said. “Rice and all those starchy foods is not so much the problem, as what time you eat them, even fruits are a no-no for dinner.” She continued. “Really” I responded again, with surprise all in my face. ” I thought rice, bread, and all those starchy foods are bad, and it’s best to just stay away from them if possible, and fruits are supposed to be good for you” I continued,” no matter, the time” I added while calculating in my head, how I was going to fit this new information into my eating lifestyle. There’s just too many dos’ and don’ts in the world of healthy eating, and lifestyle.

Just last month, I was finally able to overcome my love, and constant want for white rice, and the month before that it was doing more juices, and fruits, while trying to fit aqua zumba into my hectic life.

Last year, I was told you can eat whatever you want, pizza, cake, ice cream, anything as long as I ate ( I forget the number of times) 5 or 7 times. Just thinking about it all now, I am getting dizzy, and actually hungry for some good junk food. Yes, I know it’s bad for me, but I thought fruits were great too until I was told its best to only have them between breakfast and lunch, and not for dinner.

In the battle against bulge, big booty, and all things jiggly, it’s hard to follow the crowd, because what works for one person might not work for another. And with some new information every other week or month, it’s mighty hard to keep up, at least for me. There is always one workout or diet craze popping up, it’s best to just find what works for you, your body, and your health and go for it.

It’s best to find what you can actually do, love, and keep at, after all it’s not just a spur of the moment, follow the crowd kind of thing. It should be a lifestyle. But hey, if ever there is that one pill that can melt away all the fat and keep them forever melted, then I’m in :). Until that time though I will do me, keep running!


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  1. Thanks for the interesting info, fruits I luv, white rice?naija’s staple food, always on tha table *laffs*, but all in all, God will help us!good job Boomie

  2. Lovely write up it is so true. There is no need to follow the crowd as u stated, what works for you might not work for me. I love running too, we should run together sometime.

  3. True. I guess i have not found what works for me. Everything seems not to be working. Will keep looking for it. Nice one. thanks

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