50th Post: Something Epic?!


My 50th post…wow! I feel the need to write something epic, but this week has been tough to say the least. Words have not been as forthcoming as I would like, and so I have stared at blank screens and empty papers for the most of this week. Still for my 50th post, I would like something epic…something amazing that would blow people’s minds.

It’s amazing how much I have enjoyed my blogging experience so far, and I am so thankful to all that read my posts, and follow. I still think it’s my sister and maybe a few of her friends disguised as all those people, but who cares at this point right? Someone is reading and commenting…I will take that :).

Blogging has also helped me to look into myself more, and express my thoughts in ways I never thought I would. I like the liberation I get from that. I also like that some of my posts have certain effects or responses from readers. I think it speaks to the power of words. They can take you to some of the places, you never knew existed. Now if only they would come back to me, so I can take you to a place of epic proportions… still nothing! Aargh! At this point I am cursing furiously but words don’t seem to care.

I thought about writing 25, maybe 10 things about me, that is not exactly public knowledge, but (cough, cough), unless you want me to ramble on about how much I am in love with Johnny Depp, and I doubt that would make an epic post, so… I do love Johnny Depp though…oh my gosh! I digress…well I really don’t have anything to write about so…what does it matter right?
But I need to respect that people are reading this, so I will try and honor that. Please words come back to me please…nothing? Ok…

Back to Johnny Depp, isn’t he just dreamy? I think he is the finest and most versatile actor of our time. My biased opinion but really who else can be Edward Scissor hands, and look shaggable (yep, no words people) while doing it.

I also thought about writing about last night’s dream…it was about meeting, and hugging some celebrity but I can’t remember who…darn! I know it wasn’t Johnny, because I would remember that. Ah well! I have tried to fill time with all these rambling nonsense, hopefully you have read it up until this point…if not, I don’t blame you. I can’t believe I am this desperate for words and attention as well. If you are still here though, please take time to check out some more interesting posts I have…they are pretty cool, I think :).

My 50th post and words you treat me like this? I will get you back for this, when you come back to me, I will be ready for you :). Smiley faces fill blank pages quickly…if you have figured out by now; they are another lame attempt at filling up space and time :).

Oh goodness, I should have written about tomorrow’s race. I just remembered I am supposed to run my first race of the year tomorrow. It’s a 5-k. should be fun, or not. At least I get to burn 300 calories 🙂 yay me.

I guess, there’s nothing epic about this post, so I need to stop now…if you made it this far, I have to thank you. You are too kind. Special shout out to all who read my posts, comment, follow, reblog, share, tweet, and every other thing in between. I am truly thankful. I internet appreciate you all.

Ah yes, I remember it was Common in my dream, the hip hop artist…ah yes! Now I remember… (My eyes are closed, and I have replaced his face with Johnny’s, and now I am reliving the dream). 🙂

Thanks for always stopping by….here’s to many more posts.

Boomie Bol


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  1. lol that’s happened to me too I can’t wait to sit down and start writing and then *blank stare* I don’t know what happened to all my ideas and racing thoughts just hours ago.

    all the best tomorrow! PR! How many are you planning to do this year? We gotta do one together 🙂

  2. Jackie,
    Well done…. 50 and many more…. you are just exploding!!! I am so proud and I look forward to your blog! Much Love ‘T”

  3. Congradulations! We are of no relation lol I don’t even know your sister Ha ha. I enjoy and look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences. This post is super funny and a great way to burst into milestone 50 and usher in 51. I’ll be waiting 🙂 Btw, Johnny Depp is cute.

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