For the perfect love note

Thinking of words
To write about our love

Perhaps running in the field
On a cool summer evening
in my yellow sun dress with
Hair falling over my shoulders


And as the gentle wind blows nature
And my hair in perfect harmony

You come up from behind
Catch me in delight

And tickling me

I burst out laughing excitedly
Like a child wrapped in her father’s arms
After a long day apart

You put the red rose in my hair
And sweep the hair off my face
I smile shyly
Giddy on the inside

I try to look away…

But the gentle breeze turns my face
Back into your strong soft palms

I smile…

And as if we knew of heaven’s desire
We let the wind blow our faces
As our lips join in a gentle kiss

Yes I’m searching…

For the perfect love note
Thinking about words to write

But every time I’m with you
I’m at loss for words
As your touch
Your hold
Your presence…

Leave me speechless
And without words


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