Still in honor of National Poetry Month- Guest Writer


Still in honor of National Poetry Month, I sent out a tweet asking friends who were interested in sharing their work on my blog to send in something. I got a great response and so over the next few weeks, please indulge me as I would be sharing some of these poems, and notes with you.

Please show some love by liking, commenting, and checking out their blogs (if applicable). Feel free to tweet, Facebook, reblog, and all that great stuff. Thanks as always for all the love and support.

Please keep them coming. Again, Happy National Poetry Month. Keep writing!!!

Peace and love
Boomie Bol

The first work featured is from a friend in the UK- Its called LUST

Gbemiro Ade Adebimpe

Close my eyes and I read you.

Blindly in love.

Running my fingers over your skin, reading your body, like I am blind and your skin is braille.

Lust outweighing everything on a Libra scale. Kissing your lips and I grab your soul.

Kissing your neck just to taste, whilst you grab a hold. Of me, my whole being.

Your eyes pierce through me, you’re all seeing.

Not just for the moment, girl you are all season.

Let me use my lips to map out your skin, every contour. Every uneven skin tone, doesn’t matter to me all I see is perfection

o Written and submitted by Gbemiro Ade Adebimpe. I’m an architecture student in Manchester, UK. An aspiring singer/songwriter/poet. You can find me at and I’m an honorary member of the Jedi Council x


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