It RUNS in the family


“I want to run mommy.” said Jordan, one of my 2 year old twin girls. To me sweeter words had never been uttered. I smiled as we all ran into the public library. Yes, these girls are truly my daughters: Kayla loves shoes (Like Mother, Like Daughter: A tale in shoes) and Jordan just told me she wanted to run. Ah! Finally I feel like I might know what I am doing as their mother. They can have their dad’s analytical and problem solving skills.

Luckily for Jordan and her twin sister I have registered them for a race. Yes, I said it a race. It’s nothing major, they are only babies. But when I saw a poster at my local gym about Trot for Tots, my running antennas were buzzing, and the runner in me knew my girls had to be a part of it. Why not? They would be runners, one way or another, so why not start them off early?

Besides it would be good for them to get some exercise, play, interact with other kids, get prizes, and other fun stuff. It’s not too early to introduce them to running, right?

I have told friends in the past, I am not just a runner by choice; I am also one by blood, and so what better way to prove this than showcasing it in my little ones, especially if one of them is already interested :). I am so happy right now.

There are however two things that concern me about that day, the race is sometime in May, and I think I might have a race myself that day. But I am sure I can be done in time for their race, or better yet make it up in another way.

The other concern is with the girls; if you are a parent of toddlers, I am sure you would know where I am coming from. My girls might refuse to participate that day. Yep! They might say “no wanna do it mommy”, throw a fit, and cause a scene (toddler drama x2), that would just crush me :).

Still I am not going to give up; I am going to prepare them for it, by taking them round the track at the gym after my own workouts. And feed them well in preparation for their first official race. I am going to be on the lookout for cute running shoes, and outfits for them. Yes, I am going all out on this one :).

And after we have conquered this race with or without any tantrums and drama, I am certain there would be many more, if I have anything to do with it.

So forget the Joneses people, try to keep up with the runners.


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  1. I have a special place in my heart for twins and another special place for runners 🙂

    I knew she had IT in her ever since I saw her running up and down the aisles pre-Midnight Crew Sonnie Badu concert in October.

    Weird, I don’t remember when but I saw this happening: you and the twins running, in pink btw, lol. #loveit!

    They get IT from their mama!

    • Now we gotta make sure we get pink outfits :). Thanks my learned friend. We gotta do a race together soon. Willow Creek has one coming up… thanks for all the support.

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