“Like” and or “Comment”


I read from a blog I came across recently that he removed the like button because he thought it was a lazy way to respond to posts…

I don’t know if I completely agree, I would take like over nothing at all but still I wouldn’t mind both 🙂

I read post from every blog I follow and yes I do not comment all the time, but when I really like what I just read I do both. Sometimes I want to comment but going through other people’s comment I feel like it has already been said, and my additional comment of possibly the same as previous ones, would be overkill and so I give a like and keep my comment. (Thinking about it now I guess I should comment anyways :)).

I wonder though what other bloggers think. I want both but will take either. How about you?

*This is where I expect a like or comment, preferably both :)*


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  1. I think the like button shld be appreciated cos some pple take out time 2 read d blogs and ar really too busy to comment and like u said, their views have been put down by others so there nothing more 2 write…

  2. I love all kinds of love… whether it’s “like” love or “comment” love or SHIVER both! And I like the like button. It’s a nice little way of letting someone know you’ve read the post. And really… saying it’s a lazy way to respond seems critical and ungracious.

  3. The like button is my way of showing support. I agree with The Noodler here 100%. I do not always comment because what I want to say has been said or I do not actually agree with the post and prefer not to occupy my time with an argument. I can like a post and not agree. I can like a post and have nothing to say. I also sometimes like 1 photo on a post yet the subject matter is a total snore for me. I may still like the post and the author but have no comment on the details. Like makes me happy 🙂

  4. Often times i am reading from my BB,.. and this phone is NOT user friendly at all (well for me, compared to android and/or iPhone)

    often times i have typed an epistle as a comment and alas! i loose it ‘cos BB decides to freeze (annoying!!!)

    like – i read it, i loved it, but i’m too busy/tired/lazy to leave a comment 🙂

  5. I’ve thought about the exact same thing, as I’ve seen a few blogs that have removed the like from posts. I like being able to click “Like” on posts because it shows I did visit and enjoyed the read, but didn’t have something to say or was just busy in that moment. Often, I try to read many blogs, but just don’t have the extra 5 hours it would require to write a comment on each one. Just depends what you want on your blog I guess. I’ll always be here reading regardless 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • I completely agree. I’m just glad anyone is reading and if they take time to comment or like, it’s icing on already good cake :). Thanks Scott. Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Well this blogger thinks that the person is probably a selfish douche bag. Sometimes the “like” is all we have time to click while taking our contemplation with us throughout our days. There are many things I read or see in this WordPress community that I think on at later times regardless of lazy clicking or commenting. That’s this blogger’s opinion. 😉

    • This Blogger agrees 100% and more. I find myself thinking about posts I have read and have left an impression on me even though I didn’t comment. Considering I follow a “few” blogs, it’s not always easy to comment, so I like and contemplate on what I have read, and there are times I feel the need to comment. Thanks RDS :), I am just glad anyone is reading my work at all. Thanks for your honest comment :).

      • You’re welcome. If I can offer one thing at all, it is definitely honesty. 😀

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