The Ones born innocent


What devastation and disaster
Has befallen the ones born on your land
What terror and plague betides
The seemingly innocent and all too ignorant
Talked- of diseases and ailments
Crawl up around and inside your land
Taking mother leaving child with leftovers
Permanent reminder of its visit

What pestilence and malady
Wreaking havoc on fertile land
Stripping it bare and destitute
The young and old
Besieged by fear and the unknown
Tears offer no outlet
For releasing the pain and anguish
Buried deep within
Hunger and famine neighbors
To residents of villages and towns

Yet big city mansions offer
Refuge and shelter for the greedy
Military oppressors, overpaid
Government misfits
and their bratty offspring
Noses turned up for fear
they might smell their own ignorance
Their unfortunate obliviousness

Such calamity and affliction bestowed
On the ones with no hope
Or faith for a future
As the fangs of trouble and disease
Creep into your land
Claim innocents, rape destinies
And imprison future

Your land is captivated by aches
Captured by greed
And overshadowed by evil

Yet still in all its misfortunes
The ones born innocent on your land
Without mother, poor and grief stricken
Reminded only of leftover diseases
Hungry and starved

Look to you
Cry to you
Believe in you
Beseech you
For hope albeit fickle
That one day
The bare and stripped land
Will bloom and glow again
As the shadows of evil vanish
Giving way to a downpour of good
And hope filled future


8 responses »

  1. OMG, this was an epic read! I think I need a coffee break just to get away from my desk and continue absorbing all I just read. It’s like I could hear dramatic highs of a symphony orchestra perfectly coordinated with your words.
    VERY nice work!

  2. So sad – it just breaks my heart. What a cruel world this can be.
    I always pray for a nicer world for all of us – especially for the innocent thrown into this mess.

    • Indeed…i hope and pray for a generation that will bring change, for the sake of our children, their children, and the questions they will ask us. We know better, I hope someday we can do better. Thanks Rosy :).

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