Putting A Voice To The Words


I am very big on celebrating milestones, and so I had this “amazing” plan to do something different for my 100th post which was yesterday. I had been planning it for about a week, and even until yesterday morning. I was up at dawn and tried it out again. Everything seemed perfect and in place and so I got ready to post it but no way no how…technology and I are not exactly friends.

Here’s the “amazing” plan I had; I was going to put a voice to the words that you all have been reading for the past 3 months or thereabout. I was going to do an audio post, I had gotten comments about how nice it would be to read some of my poems out loud, and I have been told a few times that I am eloquent, and so I thought it would be interesting to put a voice to the words.

I am sure some would wonder why an audio post, but I just figured my voice would resonate more with listeners than if they saw me. I would also be more comfortable if my face wasn’t on display :).

Alas my plan didn’t work out and so I ignored the 100th post celebration altogether and did a regular post instead. I am disappointed that I didn’t get to share what I think would have been a brilliant and heartfelt post with you all. But not to worry, I will continue to work on putting a voice to the words.


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