Need We?


Have you seen them?
Wild and vicious
Greedy and mean

Animals masquerading as humans
Whippersnappers parading as Pooh-Bahs
A facade is what their existence is
As they are no better than wild animals
Roaming in the jungle preying on the weak
Perhaps that is why outsiders think you-
Africa – bountiful mother-land
Could still be a jungle

When your so- called “leaders” are
Looting and polluting
Your innocence and land
Consuming money like its food
Guzzling it down their throats
And pouches like milk
Overlooking the people who entrusted
Them with the high and mighty position
They are thoroughly unfit and unqualified
To assume

Blooming lunatics
Impaired and incapacitated in every way
By their madness
Greed and power intoxication
Absolute tyrants is what they are

Need we mention the names of these animals?
Fronting as humans

Military tyrants and
Civilian bullies is what they really are
Lying through their teeth
Eyes spitting deceit and falsehoods

Get rich quick scam artists
Parading themselves as politicians
Because they have some sort of education
Yet are deficient in knowledge and humanity
No worse than common thieves
Selling the tyranny of their regime
To unsuspecting natives all in the name
Of campaign promises and
Hope for a new and better Africa

Need we mention their names?
And dignify their existence as fictitious humans
A disgrace to their race and nation

Need we mention their names and
Reveal their charades thus
Exposing the tyranny of their evil ways?

Need we dignify them further?
By acknowledging them

Unveil their masks, Africa
And show that you are no jungle
Show that you are indeed a bountiful land
Full of hope and promise

Your so- called “leaders” however are animals
Masquerading as humans


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  1. This was awesome and made me imagine hearing a leader speaking to an army of people wanting to take their country back. I just wanted to do a battle cheer and begin marching into the battle.
    I kind of think such deep, hell rooted corruption is everywhere. We definitely have it in USA, but it’s called change and progress, lol.
    I really love this poem. You’re a very effective writer!

    • Thank you so much Scott. I agree the corruption is unfortunately everywhere, and for how far we have come as humans, it’s a tragic shame that some continue to act like beasts simply because they are in a position of power. My prayer and hope is that a generation would arise soon, and take back what rightfully belongs to the people.

      Thanks for always stopping by 🙂

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