Modern Day Greek God


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Modern day Greek god
Stirring buried passions
And hidden desires

Strong and manly
Captor of her heart
Yet gentle
Lover of her mind

Enough to whisper
Her name
In the stillness
Of the night
Where Nyx casts a shadow
Over all things asleep

Modern day Greek god
Potent enough to
Make her shudder
And call his name
When his prowess finds
Her canal and unleashes
Like the rage of flooding waters

Aphrodite, Eros, and Cupid
Must be watching over you
The Greek gods of love
Must know you by name

Modern day Greek god

They must be on your side
For your power and strength
Your passions and abilities
Your prowess and skills
Are likened only to theirs
Modern day Greek god


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    • LOL!!! Truth be told, I thought about including goddesses for a brief moment, but I thought no today. They deserve their own poem :). Thanks and enjoy what’s left of the work week.

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