You Dared Me


You dared me to write about them
Thoughts buried deep within
Often unrecognized
Rarely acknowledged

You challenged me to go beyond my
Morals and squeaky clean image
Allowing myself to let go and
Let loose once and for all

You defy me to push deeper down
Into my being and
Awaken dead and old interests
Ideas and motives

You stirred and aroused
Sleeping intentions
You dared me to write about them

You teased me with a term
Or perhaps
A prompt and
Asked that I run with it
Make something of it
Past the obvious into worlds
Unfamiliar to me

You pushed me
To go beyond myself and pursue
Passionately the flow of your consuming
And intoxicating influence

You defy me
You pushed me
You challenged me
You dared me

I responded


27 responses »

  1. now, you teased me, built me up and let me run through the words till the end, you teased me without remorse or cause but maybe a grin, you teased me damnit and I am set up again..stop teasing me and get to the end 🙂

    • Thank you Scott, you are too kind :). I envy your ability to write without being too obvious…I can’t do it, but I am working on that :). Thanks again, have an excellent week!

  2. Motivation… just that ‘lil push. I like this one too

    Gosh… School has held me captive, i have a lot of catching up to do on this blog.

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