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saturdays in your
arms playing Sade’s lovers rock
with rain falling gently


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  1. You nailed it…neosoul is fab for a rainy day and warm arms ~

    (PS…in my humble opinion, you didn’t need to change your first version. We Westerners don’t really write traditional Haiku anyway (it is so much more than counting), so, 5/7/5 can be switched up and still be called modern haiku, esp. if you stay within 17 syllables or less. Write, tis lovely~)

    • Thank you so much :). I quite agree with you, and almost left it like that cos I had just read an Haiku by Nikki Giovanni and it wasn’t in the usual 5-7-5 layout butI thought to myself, I am no Nikki Giovanni so I better not offend the Haiku and Poetry police Lol. Thanks again for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it. Yep neo-soul on a rainy day perfect in the warm hands of love. Enjoy the rest of your sunday. God bless

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