Be Still Mind Wanderer


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Be still mind wanderer
Be still

Let not lust rule your heart
For in church you are
And so you must
Remain in a holy stance
As you lift holy hands
In reverence of the Almighty
Be still mind wanderer
Be still

Be still mind wanderer
Be still

Your mate desires you now
Roll over and give up the goods
Even though you are in a different realm
Lusts lost in your world of fantasy
Return now and please her so
Bring your mind to a place of pleasure
And satisfy your lover
Be still mind wanderer
Be still

Be still Mind Wanderer
Be still

Work takes its toll
So maybe you can wander
But only for a moment
Mind Wanderer
Only a brief moment

As paperwork
Corporate crap
And work related mess awaits

Let your mind wander into wherever it desires
But remember only for a moment
As lunch is 30 perhaps 45 minutes
And then
It’s back to work
Where your mind is required

Be still mind wanderer
Be still

* This post was inspired by a note I got from a friend in response to writing something for National Poetry Month. I converted his note into this….Unfortunately I can’t find the note any longer, and my friend hasn’t responded to my messages to send the note. I might update this later with the note, once I get the note :).


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  1. the most mysterious thing about human mind is, it thinks and thinks and controlling the mind’s thoughts will be an achievement worth accomplished.

    • I agree…it’s interesting how the strangest thoughts come at the most inappropriate times. I think sometimes our environment triggers some of our thoughts…Thanks for stopping by and for following.

  2. Thanks for bringing the thoughts of so many (including me) into life through this wonderful poem. I am so guilty of the church and the lovemaking part. 😉 It’s amazing how rebellious our subconscious are, isn’t it?

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