The One I Adore


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To the One who owns my life
Shepherd of my soul
My Lord and love
God Almighty

The One who loves me
Not for what I am
Not for who I am
Not for anything I have done
Or will ever do

The One who doesn’t
Use my past as a basis
For our relationship
But loves me just as I am
Scars and blemish
Errors and wrongs

To the only wise One
Immortal Invincible
All knowing good God
The ultimate Judge
Ruler of all
Majestic Majesty

Sovereign and true
The embodiment of love
Forgiver and restorer
The One who redeems
Sweet savior
My Lord and Love

The One who found me
When I was lost and didn’t know it
My ever faithful friend
My ultimate love
My heart’s desire
And delight

The One I Adore

* Kabiyesi is a yoruba word for King*

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  1. Ow, this is just so beautiful and glorious. I am so thirlled Boomie, to be reading this wonderful verses. Yes, He is King, Kabiyesi, indeed! Can I have your kind permission to reproduce this for my Church’s weekly Newsletter? (Presbyterian). If you answer yes, I should love to have your full name for credits.

    • Oh thank you so much. It would be my pleasure, absolutely :). Glad you enjoyed it. I will send you an email with my name. Thanks for this kind gesture. God bless, I really appreciate it. Happy new month!

    • Thank you Simon, really appreciate that. Unfortunately or fortunately I don’t know how to use big words or write metaphorically…I guess I’m a simple girl :). Yea a lot of my people ” yorubas” in the UK…they have practically overtaken some parts :). Thanks for stopping by

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