Let You And I


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Let you and I
Make today a lazy day

My braids down to my back
As I lay my glasses on the side table
Yours on the oak desk

Exotic books, foreign magazines and
Sunday newspapers all around us
As we sip hot Belgian chocolate cocoa
Or perhaps fine aged French wine
Watch some television
And roll around in the hay

Let you and I make
Today a lazy day
Listening to sweet music
By the mighty Bobs’
Dylan and Marley
Singing of love and freedom

And after more twirling and
We come up for some air
Just in time to continue our dally

Let you and I make
A very lazy day


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  1. Delicious write, so tempting I told my Mister that is what we should do…guess what we are doing later this afternoon (only because he has Drs appt) but then the rest of our day is a lazy day!
    THANK YOU Boomie! :))

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