In Their Eyes


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I see the dreams
In their tear-stained eyes
Big dreams flooded
By the glistening waters
Of many tears and pain
Yet persistent in unveiling themselves

The dreams are there in their
Hearts and souls
Radiating through these eyes
Even though their kinds are represented
Only by the hunger
Famine and senseless penury
Of their nations and families

I see past the misrepresentations
Brought upon them by war
And varying misfortunes
Even when I know they are all
That glares back at me
Look deep into their eyes
Beyond every tear and
Distorted appearance
Knowing if given a chance
These innocent ones

They would reach for the skies
Making all their hidden dreams
Come to fruition

And so while I am powerless in a way
I write and speak for them nonetheless

I write and speak in hopes
That the many dreams and
Destinies they carry
Not become faded
And lost
Like those of the ones before them
Thus remaining anonymous
And never getting a chance


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    • Saddens is the exact word…I tihnk I am pained more because the innocent little lives suffer so much and it seems like there is no end…but I am certain change will come soon by Gods grace. How’s your weekend going?

      • Goodness Boomie – These are people I wish I could just take & hug their pains, worries & sufferings away. Bad enough when anyone lives like this – but – why a child?
        Not bad until 2 am hit. Another migraine decided to stop by. Again – thank God for drugs. I woke up feeling better. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

      • I know the feeling. Yesterday was a long day too, had a blasting headache…too much fun at a bridal shower plus forgetting to eat. Glad you are feeling better. I am going to have to kick this migraine’s big head very soon 🙂

  1. Your voice speaks for them and although it saddens me to no end that these conditions exist and I wish there were more I could do, but with your permission I would like to post on my face page for others to read. You have a wonderful spirit and God has blessed you with an amazing talent.

    • With pleasure :). Thanks so much, I guess we keep praying that a generation arises soon that would be a change for good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  2. i see great dreams, discoveries, and perhaps the cure for all illnesses in these eyes – that is how important the children of the world are to love.

    David in Maine USA

    • If only indeed…I hope one day soon that all of the hunger, famine, drought etc will be a thing of the past. Perhaps, I am a dreamer :). Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a lovely weekend ?

  3. This is heart breaking. You said you saw this in Nigeria? This is poverty on another level. I lived in Brazil for some time in the two poorest states, but I don’t think what I have seen comes anywhere near what you have seen. I would love an opportunity to go there, I hope one day I will. It always opens my eyes to the wonderful things that I take for granted everyday. It breaks my heart that these children wont get the certain opportunities they deserve in life.

    • I am Nigerian :). So to a certain extent I lived this, but not as much as the kids who had no homes, or families to love and care for them. Nigeria is beautiful…wonderful people who unfortunately have been subjected to ill and corrupt government as much of other African nations have been. Yes, it’s heartbreaking that some of these children might never get the oppportunity they so rightly deserve. I hope one day, my humble words will find an audience that can pay attention and do something about the plight of many African children who deserve everything life has to offer like every other child. So glad you read this, very much appreciated. Comments on my posts about African, Nigeria etc mean so much to me. Thank you kindly 🙂

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