My Heart Wanders


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Lately my heart has wandered
Into the most beautiful places

Places of rest
Solace and
Absolute solitude

It has wandered
Into your arms

It wants to be in
Your loving
Your touch
Your very warm

My heart wants
To be known by you
Held by you
Pleased by you
Nurtured by you

It desires to be loved by you

My heart wanders only into
The most beautiful places

It has wandered into
Stealth arms

I hope you don’t mind?


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  1. Lovely poem, Boomie Bol. Thanks for sharing it. I’m guessing that this poem also has some power when read aloud. You should share it somewhere public if you do that sort of thing. I don’t read publicly myself.

    • Hmmn…good thoughts and question. Got me thinking too.. I guess it could wander but perhaps only to find itself back in the other’s arms or heart…thanks for stopping by again.

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