Late Night Visit


In deep sleep on my king size
When you come no you creep in

In bits at first but even that has my attention
As I roll over rubbing my sleep heavy eyes
And prop up pillows for what I know would
Be a long session of passionate outpour and release

I don’t mind though
I am ready for you to take over
At this late hour
As the first bits become bigger and

And even bigger

I open myself up to you completely
Allowing your power to take over
At this odd hour when like the rest of the house
I should be deep in dreams

Still I don’t mind
And continue to pen my thoughts
As you are now pouring out of me
Like a jug of freshly squeezed cow milk

And as the results of your late night visit
Come together
I find my mind clear and
My head void of thoughts
As I manage to grasp the last bit of you

Before you fade away and are completely gone
Silently and quietly just like you came


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