Running Out Of Words…


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Running out of words…?

I fear sometimes that an editor or publisher might want to see some of my work (a girl can dream), and I wouldn’t have anything new and worthwhile to share with them. I fear that I might have written it all and now the words are gone.

Yesterday a comment from a fellow blogger, Scott Mitchell check him out at said: “it’s amazing how you put these great things out daily, I’m jealous :).” Very sweet of Scott, except I don’t know that I put out great stuff daily and even if I did, I fear that they are all finished and I might be running out of words. And so I thought about this concern of mine for a bit on my drive earlier today.

Could I really run out of words? What would I do if I am all “blogged out and there is nothing left to share?” I panicked for a bit and all sorts of thought kept going back and forth in my head.

Since I started this blog, I have pushed myself to write every day, be it something great or otherwise. I have felt so much love and inspiration that I have opened myself up like never before, becoming more daring than usual. But today, I am just empty and at a loss.

I had a strange dream overnight and I don’t think that has helped my thought process today. In the dream, I got a text from someone I had told to check out my blog and she sent this message: “I can’t believe one of my seniors from high school has a blog, you of all people. Your blog is so blah, and more blah.” I think there were a lot more blahs in the dream but no need wasting space on blahs, right?

I can’t shake the dream out of my head especially since a friend told me once that my blog and its contents lacked emotions. I try to give emotions I really do but I guess I just don’t know how… (I will keep trying though). What a big B, she was by the way!

It also doesn’t help that I don’t think I did today’s post as much justice as I wanted to; I am not at all satisfied with that post, but I wanted to share it all the same. Anyways, I have been racking my brains all day to shake the dream off and write something coherent and intelligent that would show that I am not running out of words. Well so far all I have come up with is this… 🙂 not intelligent, maybe a little coherent, and I am posting it now. So we will have to see about tomorrow and the next few days…

Funny how our brains and minds work… I was still racking my brain for something intelligent, when I heard myself saying “as long as I am up and alive tomorrow; then there are still so many words to write, many tales to tell, many stories to share, many lives to love, many mishaps to get into, many experiences to live and relive…so many of life still waiting to happen” and I realized in there are my many poems, notes, essays, short stories, and blog contents :).

So I am going to breathe easy knowing all hope is not lost… There might be a post tomorrow, if I see tomorrow. I pray we all do!


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  1. I can’t imagine you running out of anything – you run so much!
    The more we live – the more we experience – the more we have to say – not to mention the history we make each day with what we’ve lived & experience already. You are a natural Boomie. And – for anyone to say that you don’t show emotion – SHAME ON THEM. We all show & express ourselves in different ways. I can’t imagine a world full of MEs. God help me – for I already see me in Alexandria – ha!

    • Lol…indeed!!! Thanks Rosy, I appreciate the very kind words, I can’t imagine a world of mes either, would be toooooooo boring Lol. The girls still watched her video on monday and laughed as usual… I wonder what tickles them about the “dideo” like they call it.

  2. KEEP WRITING! I know it can be challenging. I haven’t been able to write in awhile since I’m taking care of my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. I don’t know how you write every day…but keep doing what you are doing! I have poems from my book that I can use along with guest blog posts to share.

    And, to that “friend” who said your content lacks emotion. Has she READ your poetry? She’s jealous. Tell her to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and send her my article:

    • I am so sorry about your mom, will keep you and her in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much Nicole for your really honest and kind comments. I would be honored to have you post something as a guest on my blog. Anytime you want to. Also where can I buy your book? I agree about my friend…I don’t think I can even call her that anymore. Will definitely be tweeting the post you sent. Hugs Nicole, sending love to you and God bless.

  3. Critics only make us stronger.. They challenge….the words u write comes frm sumwher and am sure it will 2moro….. U just write…..

  4. 🙂 Just stopping in to say that I love your writing, your honesty and your beautiful emotion especially in topics I dare not go there…Your blog is beautiful and I appreciate your posting whenever the urge comes to you.:) -Jennifer

  5. One thing is for sure, you know how two express yourself! With such emotion – I could be reading this out loud and (feel like I wrote it), no worries though, I will not steal your content 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Okay, Boomie Girl, start talking. It’s 1:40 AM where I live. That makes it tomorrow. :-0
    Not to worry. I swear that an inspiration will hit you today while you’re not paying attention. Some little thing will send you into a fit of writing. If not, draw a happy face and post it. 😉

  8. Boomie, why should you let a typical African sydrome pul you down? Yes, the ‘pull him down’ sydrome. Ignore that friend of yours. She would nto know what emotion was if it stared straight at her in the face. Just relax, the words will come and then write on, deal gal.

  9. Boomie run out of words? NO! it can;t happen. i just know you are special, your post are wonderful. just take those words as a challenge! just push forward! and don’t give chance for set backs 🙂

  10. Bravo to you for writing out these brave and vulnerable thoughts. Then hitting publish! I can relate to your fear that you will use up all your words. Just wake up one day and the well will have run dry. The great news is I found that the more I write the more the images and words pour forth. So, keep writing young wordsmith. I for one am glad you’re here.

    • Thank you so much for the very kind comments. Yea I have found that there’s still so much of life to live, and there is hope for more words to come :). Thanks again and glad you are here too.

  11. You’ve answered your own dilemma. Life & living does go on and the associated experiences supply your writings, including this one which held this follower’s interest all the way to the end…

  12. “as long as I am up and alive tomorrow; then there are still so many words to write, many tales to tell, many stories to share, many lives to love, many mishaps to get into, many experiences to live and relive…so many of life still waiting to happen” <——AWESOME!

  13. 1: There’s plenty of emotion in your poems. If you choose to be guarded outside your poems, that’s fine. There is no agreement you’ve signed to pour your heart out all the time.
    2: Blogging every day is your choice. If you find you can’t keep it up, no problem. Blog every two or three days, once a week, whatever.
    3: Most of us encounter periods when what we write seems rather uninspired and ordinary. I’m in one now. This is a good sign. It’s when everything you write over a long period seems great that you’re probably on auto-pilot and not inspired.
    4: The dream probably expressed self-doubt, so it’s good you had it and remember it because you need to know if something within you is, as readingpleasure said, pulling you down. Stare at it. Laugh at it. Challenge it to do its worse.
    5: Part of the self-doubt is probably fear of how other people react to what you write. You’ve nothing to fear on that score.

    • Thank you so very much Simon for the in depth and very honest comments. Very kind of you to write all these truths. I am working on believing in myself more. Thanks again so much :).

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