The Ones Who Call Me


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They are the reasons
Not just because it’s what they call me
But because they show me daily
What it takes to be one

They teach me
Inspire me
And propel me

They push and
Nurture the innate instincts
I never knew existed

I couldn’t be one
Without them
I wouldn’t know how
Without them

And while they will
Celebrate me and
What I mean to them

And Lord willing
Every yearly Sunday
Dedicated to this honor

I will celebrate tonight
And every Saturday night
Before Mother’s day
The ones who call me

*For my twin girls who deserve an amazing mother, and inspire me to be one daily* Love them till infinity and beyond.


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      • my babies are grown, one in grad school, one off to art school in the fall. Treasure them, and remember that as parents our goal is to get them through childhood to blossom as adults so that they can pass the blessing of your nurturing spirit down the generations. Happy mothers day.

      • Wow! They are indeed grown. Thank you for the wise advice and words, will take them to heart. Thanks again for the kind comments.

  1. The hardest job in the world but the most rewarding! You are doubly blessed and what a beautiful write. Love joy and Peace~~HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! ~~hugzzz {{{}}} ~Len

    • Yea, I figured if it wasn’t for them in my lives I wouldn’t be a mother and since there’s no daughter day, I might as well celebrate them in my own way. Thanks 😉 always

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